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WWE SuperCard  WWE SuperCard Get ready to dominate them all with Season 3 of WWE Supercard, the biggest, baddest update yet to the card battle game that has thrilled over 11 million players around the world!

WWE Supercard delivers over 150 Superstars of the past, present and future as well as fast-paced, in-your-face action like you’ve never seen before!

Featuring the series’ first real time battle against live opponents, including a 15-on-15 Royal Rumble and ranked player-versus-player, Season 3 allows you to engage and compete with others from around the world for ranking and rewards!

WWE SuperCard Season 3 includes:

RANKED / PVP MODE – Battle in real time against live opponents from around the world for the top slot in a new monthly leaderboard for ranking and rewards.
ROYAL RUMBLE – Pit 15 of your best cards against 15 of an opponent’s cards in a brand new, real-time gameplay mode in a battle to see the last card standing;
NEW CARD TIERS – Access three new card tiers and compete for more than 100 new cards;
WILD MODE – Use both Active and Legacy cards to compete against opponents and gain more Active cards for your deck;
SEASON 1 LEGACY CARDS – Retain Season 1 cards through their transition to Legacy cards in Season 3, with the cards available for play in the game’s new Wild Mode feature;
YOUR FAVORITE MODES – Money in the Bank, Ring Domination, People’s Champion Challenge, King of the Ring, and Road to Glory are all carrying over to S3. And, yes, your S2 cards will be playable across all this in addition to Ranked, Wild, and Royal Rumble mode.

Update requires OS 4.0.3+ WILL NOT RUN ON ANY EARLIER OS

WWE SuperCard user reviews :

Great game but it could use an auto-select button on the draft board and also an auto play on some of the game modes like road to glory and Ring domination. I’m in the highest tear at the moment, royal Rumble 23 and in order to progress my cards the grind is too much. i have to go through all the previous stages and it puts you off playing.

I like the game, but I wish it wasn’t so pay to play oriented. It’s taking a very long time to build my cards up without spending a ton of real money. If it had a one time purchase price and optional microtransactions I’d like it a lot more, it’s a great game other than that.

I absolutely love this game! but i have a few suggestions whuch could make the game more fun.N1: Tag team signatures (usos,newday,others) if you put the usos into a tagteam match there should be a chance. That the they do their signature both at the exact same time.N2:Make a survivor series game mode.The survivor series mode should be 5v5 match like normal both teams dont know each others cards if the player or the opponents defeted it reveals what card they had and there cards are reusuable.Thx

Probably the best official WWE game here on the play store, just because you can get the best cards even as a free player. I’ve been playing since the beginning of season 1, and I have gotten to the top tier, and even the best event exclusive cards, being a completely free player. Sure, spending money would get you there quicker, but you can substitute paying by grinding and being smart with how you use the free credits they give you (title matches in events tend to be the best way to spend credits). A bit of luck helps too, but thankfully isn’t a requirement. I have taken several month-long breaks from this game and been able to come back and climb the tiers to the top again completely for free. The main downside to this game is the connection. Sadly the constant network errors bump this down to a 4-star rating for me. That has always been a problem with this game, and I guess it’s here to stay. It’s thankfully better than I’ve seen it in some previous seasons, but you will still see the vintage “Network error” notice more times than I’d like, even on wifi.

been with since season 1 and although there are a few minor glitches every now and then, game devs always sort things with updates and fixes. very addictive. true wwe fans everyone should own this. yes over priced micro transactions in game but what game doesn’t these days. Supercarder till the servers die

This game is incredible. EDIT: A few days ago when the season 5 update happened I lost my ss fusion that was fusing and I emailed them about it, and sure enough they got me my fusion! I highly recommend this game!

It was a very great game untill the last update… it is now almost impossible to upgrade my characters….I don’t like that the smaller class is hardened. I would like to see the commons uncommon rare and the others back!

Best card game on a phone by far, would recommend to anyone who love wrestling and card games. One thing I don’t like is road to glory but every other game mode is fun and I can waste hours without knowing it.

Great Game! Three problems though: The sound/music is horrendous. It needs a trading system. The credits aren’t worth the amount they cost. Apart from that, the game is great

After finally getting it to dl the game is great. Few issues. And yes the dreaded wating for network issue has formed on the game as in my nba 2k14. Also need more older cards. You have 400 cards of current roster and a hand full of h.o.f. superstars. Need more divas.. Lita and Trish for one. Also if you have rivalry clash start with hogan vs macho man.

I had almost gotten past super rare and i then like some hours after the maintenance i noticed that it erased like 70 of my matches and the training i did to my cards. Please fix this cause i really love this game and its concept.

Latest Update :

Misc. bug fixes and improvements

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