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XeroThe Xero Accounting app is Ideal for small business owners and managers who are signed up and set up in Xero.

The app acts as a companion to your Xero account, helping you stay productive and keep an eye on your business’ financial health from when and where it suits you.

Keep track of cash flow- View summaries of outstanding bills and invoices to see what’s owed. Plus a flexible profit and loss report which can be viewed on a cash or accrual basis helps you keep your finger on your business’ financial health.

Manage sales from the palm of your hand – Raise and send quotes for faster client approval so you can get started on the job sooner. Plus, reduce the time it takes to get paid by sending invoices from your device as soon as the job is completed.

Manage spend – Record spend as soon as it happens to reduce office admin and time spent looking for lost receipts.

Manage customer and supplier information – Have vital contact information in the palm of your hand so you can do business from wherever you are. Get a view of how much is owed and quickly add notes so you can build better business relationships.

Reconcile from anywhere – Good bookkeeping habits have been made easy. Smart matches, rules and suggestions makes reconciling your business transactions from anywhere with a few simple clicks.

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Xero user reviews :

My experience with the app was excellent until recently. After a successful login the dashboard failed to load. I was prompted to check my internet connection and retry. This issue happens consistently in various geographic locations with trusted internet connections. Today, I sadly uninstalled the application. (Galaxy 7S) Sept 9th: Reinstalled with most recent update. Issue continues. Sept 10th update: today’s update solved the problem.

  • Hi Kathy, thanks for the update. We are really happy to hear the latest update has solved this problem for you!

The two factor authentification set up with Android is infuriating and not phone user friendly. Android doesn’t automatically come with QR scanners and and you have to have a computer handy to even get the QR code. If you only have a phone and try to use the codes it sends you in a frustrating loop between apps and the codes don’t even work half the time. The app also wouldn’t recognize my second email. Bottom line: set up is terrible for phone users.

  • Thanks for leaving a review Emily. We’ve passed on your feedback to our product team and we’ll reach out to you, to get more information and help you.

I used to like this app to quickly submit expenses whether on the company credit card or my personal one. Now if you have to file personal expenses you have to get a whole different membership subscription and use a whole different app. It really defies the KISS principle and of course increases the cost to small business owners. it looks like we’re going to have to look for an optional accoubting software program that doesn’t provide so many hurdles and hidden costs.

Such a compact fit for purpose app. Easy to find all the basic needs of accounting and book keeping on the go. It’s really quick to sort the invoices and send it too.

Xero is more expensive than our previous supplier but on the whole a better offering. The App has limited functionality and is essentially inadequate are caught without a laptop or wifi.

  • Hi Nigel, thank you for leaving a review. We are constantly working to improve our mobile app products, to match up with our web/desktop product, so this feedback is valuable. Stay tuned for new updates to the app in the app in the coming year, and please reach out to us if you have other suggestions. Thanks, the Xero Team

it’s very unclear if when you click approve if the invoices send, you need some kind of accounting knowledge to use the program. It isn’t as user friendly as it seems

  • Hi Christos, thank you for providing valuable feedback and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are always looking to improve our products, so please can you share which features you find difficult to use? Don’t hesitate to also reach out to us at central.xero.com/ if you require assistance with navigating the app.

Would like to be able to delete invoices and payments while using the app, as well as other features that are available on the desktop, but not on the app.

  • Hi Kate, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are exploring adding this into the mobile app, so please hold tight. To submit future product/feature ideas or recommendations, please contact us here: productideas.xero.com/

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