XFINITY WiFiThe XFINITY WiFi application makes it easy to locate thousands of XFINITY WiFi Hotspots.

★ Map view
★ List View
★ “Near Me” locates all nearby XFINITY WiFi hotspots
★ Driving directions
★ Create and save a list of your favorite hotspots for easy reference
XFINITY WiFi Hotspots:
Tens of thousands of XFINITY WiFi hotspots are available in multiple US cities, including Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, and San Jose, with more locations added frequently.

XFINITY WiFi user reviews :

Atlanta. Not one wifi spot. Two years and they still can’t fix their Text option. They are crude To not show speeds they offer and want To make sure they don’t show current customers The wrong price. Dug my yard up To bury cable line and took a year To come back To hook up, but didn’t hook New line up, hooked old line up. Had me wait that long To get same crap. Website is slow and links never take you To right place. App is poor, AND THIS IS A INTERNET COMPANY!!!!!!!!

in a comical design error, this app does not cache wifi location information. so this app is not so helpful – in that you must have wifi to find wifi especially if you have a wifi only tablet.

Application works as specified . . Are wi-fi hotspots limited to Philadelphia ?

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