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[Game] Empire : Age of Knights

Age of Knights    Become the mightiest knight and develop your medieval city into a glorious empire. Prove your economic skills, trade with other kingdoms, and raise your castle to prosperity. Explore the secrets of the mysterious exploration map to find valuable treasures, but beware of the Orcs.

The world has changed a lot since the last Orc invasion. The world of men returned to a new normality. With peace reigning, Lords and Ladies are establishing new kingdoms with beautiful castles and focusing on trade with other kingdoms. But that peace might not be as everlasting as it seems…

Prove your economic skills in this new game that combines strategic empire building and resource management. Collect, produce and trade resources to build up your castle and expand it into a mighty fortress! Use your profits to decorate your very own medieval city and customize your buildings.

Discover new territories on the exploration map and uncover the legends. Recruit a powerful army to conquer the most valuable territories and fight off the Orc invaders. Try your luck on treasure hunts and seize control of other provinces and their rewards.

Choose your winning strategy and compete with other knights in either trading or combat. Be the hero you want to be! Play as a tradesman and exchange goods and resources with fellow players and merchants in the marketplace. Become the most powerful warlord and fight your enemies with an iron fist. Form alliances with friends to defeat your opponents and fight epic battles against millions of players on a giant interactive world map. It’s all about planning your tactics and strategy!


Build and customize your very own medieval castle
Choose your path to glory: Trade or Fight
Explore the world, discover new realms and their treasures and secrets
Produce and trade resources to construct more than 80 different buildings
Forge powerful alliances, and chat and strategize with friends in a huge community
Meet fantasy creatures such as dwarves, elves, and orcs

Do you have the diplomatic skills to forge mighty alliances and establish kingdom expanding trade deals? Do you have a military strategy to crush your enemies and defend your castle in epic MMO battles? With countless enemies to defeat and multiple lands to conquer, Empire: Age of Knights is a medieval war game in which every decision you make will determine whether your castle prospers or falls.

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This app is completely free to play. It also offers optional in-app purchases.
This game requires an internet connection.

Age of Knights user reviews :

I personally really like the game but I think it would be better if you could send resources to your alliance members. And the expanding costs seem extreme. But other than that good job developers!

I love this game. It’s the perfect pace for beginners, but picks up quick when you gain levels and experience. There’s always a fight you can pick with someone. Lol

Just got level 11 and so far the game has been pretty enjoyable, conquest, the PVP (so far) doesn’t seem to be too intense where I still have quite a lot of will to play, conquering regions to have more resources, assigning soldiers to defend them, developing your castle with free will of movement (not those games where everything is set in stone on where it will stay and don’t move a thing), so far 5 stars

Good game, a few glitches tho. When scrolling around your castle view it can shoot you all the way to the edge of the castle screen. It happens often enough that it becomes quite annoying. Otherwise a good game.

Great game, everything is nice and polished. I would also like to see a bit of PVP, and if possible fair PVP with no bonuses for p2w players. Also more content . Looking forward to see how will this game improve.

I love this game, its a combination of big farm, hustle castle and last shelter rolled into one. My husband I are really enjoying this game. Its a little glitchy but its new and worth waiting for the improvements to come.

Great vibes just like Empire on the PC. Would like to see the PvP side more, attacking others castles like on PC, would pretty much make this game perfect. But anyways, great job on this game!

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