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ANT Radio Service  ANT is a wireless protocol, similar to Bluetooth®, that is predominantly used for sport and fitness wireless connectivity. Pre-installed by the phone manufacturer, this service allows you to connect ANT+ devices to apps on your phone. ANT Wireless is a division of Garmin Canada Inc.

ANT enabled apps can utilize this service to connect:
Heart Rate: Receive live heart rate data from heart rate straps or wearables produced by many popular manufacturers
Fitness Equipment: Connect ANT+ enabled fitness equipment and bicycle trainers to popular training and workout apps
Bike Speed and Cadence: Capture bike speed, distance, and/or cadence data
Bike Power: Capture data from ANT+ cycling power meters such as Garmin Vector
Stride-based Speed and Distance Monitor: Capture speed and distance data from running footpods

For a full list of compatible ANT+ apps and devices visit

How did this app get on my phone and is it spyware?
This service is standard software, included by the manufacturer of your phone. It is not illegally downloaded, and it is not spyware. It will not cause system malfunctions or pop-up ads to appear. It is not bloatware and typically uses a max of 20 MB of space. For example, on a 16GB phone, this service takes up 0.0013% of space. We do not pay phone manufacturers to have this service pre-installed.

How can I remove this service?
Since this service is standard software, you’re unable to delete it from your phone. Instead, you can disable this service by following the manufacturer’s instructions. The typical process is: settings>applications>application manager>appropriate app>force stop>disable

Disabling this service will not affect your phone’s software. If, in the future, you require the ability to connect to services and devices via ANT+, just enable the service again.

NOTE: Since this is a factory installed service, it may enable/re-download if you reset and/or update your phone. Don’t panic! Just follow the instructions to disable it again.

Does this service track me without my knowledge?
No. The ANT Radio Service and ANT+ Plugins Service applications provide a wireless connectivity service, similar to Bluetooth or WiFi, but with very low power. These services do not collect any personal data.

Is it difficult to develop an app with ANT+ capabilities and is there a fee?
Using the ANT+ plugins in your app to communicate with ANT+ devices is quick, easy, free and uses a simple API. Visit the ANT Android Developer page ( for more information and to download the SDK.

How do I know if I own any ANT enabled products?
Visit to search for ANT/ANT+ enabled products, devices and/or services.

ANT Radio Service user reviews :

ANT IS REMOVABLE. Go to settings, click on Ant icon, then you have to click on everything there that is on, like Notifications, storage, battery, etc. Don’t miss any, go through each one, and anything that is on: TURN IT OFF. And the last one you get to, takes you to Google Play Store (Ant ), there in the upper left side, click on the uninstall button. And that button works, as you see it removed from your Cellphone . Reminder: When you go to Storage, also click on the Clear Data

This recent update has broke my Bluetooth communication for my TOZO NC9 and JBL Live 300 earbuds. They were working absolutely perfect until this update. Now they drop connection constantly. Please reverse or fix whatever has gone wrong. Samsung Galaxy S9+

The app itself should be more transparent to what it can be used for like it can also be used to compromise somebody’s privacy, but other than that i gues this is a very functional feature to have.

Most reviews for this app are negative and, a great majority of them are from people that don’t even got a slightly clue of what this app does or what is it for…and yet they give it a bad rating and comments as they were professional developers. Perhaps democracy is not that good after all. Come on! Using google won’t bait you.

READ MORE section Before you leave a bad review please read the “read more” section below the highlighted current updates. This section will inform you on the importance of this app. Ant is essential so that all wifi/nfc functions can communicate with different types of devices which require this type of software ect…thanks for taking the time to read before review

It’s an important app It isn’t bloat wear it’s an essential driver for your device. And the discription is giving an example of what it can be used for. Not only for exercise monitoring devices.

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