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[App] AppLock Pro – App Lock & Privacy Guard for Apps

AppLock Pro  AppLock Pro is one of the most popular app locker that you can lock your apps or photos easily.

Choose a lock model, lock apps you want. AppLock is the best way to prevent intruders who want to open your locked apps without your permission.

Your privacy is important for us. Keep your apps safe with this locking app!


Lock apps
Lock your private apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Settings, Messages, Messenger, etc.) with a password, fingerprint(if your device supports), pattern lock, or knock code.

Spy Camera
When someone tries to open your locked app, AppLock takes a selfie photo from the front camera and saves it.

Fake Error Message
You can set additional security precautions. If you activate this setting; when locked apps are tried to be opened a fake error message is shown.

Hide Notifications
AppLock blocks notification of locked apps if you activate this feature.

AppLock Lock Timer
You can set the timer to make AppLock inactive in a certain time period.

Re-Lock Time
You can set re-lock time to make AppLock active.

Spy Alarm?
If a password is entered incorrectly 5 times, the spy alarm will be ringing loudly.

You can customize the theme and background style. You can choose an image from the gallery for the background.

Other Advanced Features
Vibration, Line visibility, System status, New App Alert, Lock recent Apps Menu. AppLock is optimized for battery and ram usage. Also, you can use AppLock without ads at a low price.

Fingerprint Lock (If Your Device Support)
Fingerprint lock for your locked apps. It works if your device supports fingerprint!

KnockCode Lock
It is a different and powerful lock system.

Pattern Lock
Create a pattern by combining points.

Pin Lock
Create a 4-8 digit password.

How can I prevent AppLock to be uninstalled?
Firstly you should lock all critical apps. Secondly, you should activate “Hide Icon” in the preferences tab.

Why permissions are required?
AppLock contains advanced features. All necessary permissions are required to implement advanced features. For example, “Photos / Media / Files Permissions” is required to select a background image.

What should I do if I forget my password?
You can set a new password by using your secret answer.

How can I hide pictures and videos?
If you lock the Gallery app then, intruders can not see your photos and videos.

How works the spy camera feature?
When the intruder enters the password incorrectly 5 times, the secret answer screen is shown. After answering the secret answer, a photo from the front camera is taken & saved to the gallery.

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AppLock Pro user reviews :

One of the more reliable app lockers I’ve used, haven’t had any problems with it not locking apps or showing the app before the lockscreen. I would prefer if it didn’t automatically lock all my apps after first installing it though, I had to go through and manually untick all but the two apps I wanted to lock. I also have no desire to put in my pin whenever I want to uninstall an app, but there’s no way to turn that off.

I like this app, especially for UI and simplicity. That’s what I am looking for. But there’re some drawbacks – showing pin number or knock figures when I am touching would be a security issue. I can’t find a setting to hide it. I can only hide the drawing lines when I use pattern type. The new app can’t be locked at once. I had to restart my phone to make it working. There is no search and sort in the app list. The app list is not sorted alphabetically so difficult to find an app to lock.

1. Doesn’t allow backspacing of one digit, backspacing amounts to retyping the entire pin. 2. Ads 3. Customisation could have been better. Eg. Secret qn has to be chosen from the options available and the users can’t make their own secret qn and answer. 4. Can do better aesthetically However, despite does its job! Hope there would be positive improvisations soon. Thanks, Ujala

Exactly what I was looking for. Hiding the content from certain app notifications in the notification bar. It’ll say “hidden/locked content from (app that is locked)” instead of displaying the actual content in the notification bar. Other lock apps would just hide/block the notifications altogether, even from me lol. I also am able to remove the AppLock Pro icon from my notification bar easily without losing its functionality. No more constant (lock app) icon displaying up top like a useless ad

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