Arc The Lad R – Gradually accumulate advantages until victory is sealed

[Game] Arc The Lad R

Arc The Lad R  The Arc the Lad Console Franchise Returns as an SRPG on Smartphone!

The game is set in a world after Arc the Lad II.
10 years ago, the Great Disaster caused a vast catastrophe on land in which about half the world’s population was decimated.
10 years after, Princess Sania, one of the heroes who fought in the Ark War, is leading the aquatic city Millmana to promote the reconstruction of the world.

Game Features

Deep Strategic Gameplay

Arc the Lad R combines elements of tactical combat, adventure, and role-playing to convey the unique gaming experience found in classic Japanese SRPGs. By strategically using exclusive skills of heroes and commanding them to attack from either the front, side, or back of the enemy, you gradually accumulate advantages until victory is sealed! The control is intuitive, simply done by tapping and sliding on a vertical screen.

Exceptional Character Building System
The game allows you to awaken characters to dramatically boost their power and unlock new outfits! There are also exclusive weapons and gear for specific characters.

Gripping and Epic Story
Halt, the protagonist, is a young man who serves in the Vigilante Corps of Millmana. He rescued the mysterious girl Mizuha from an Aldian battleship when it was raiding on a nearby village. Since the encounter, the gears of fate have started turning again.

Typical-of-the-series Content
Popular content of the series such as Ruins of Ancient Kings, Hunter’s Guild, and Arena, will be revived in Arc the Lad R!

Thrilling PvP Fight
Form a regular party and add season-specific characters to it to fight head-to-head battles with other players in the Arena, with the goal of entering the top league.

Feel free to contact us on Discord and Facebook.

Arc The Lad R user reviews :

As a fan of Arc the Lad growing up, I was waiting for this since it’s JP release. There are some issues, but nothing game breaking or serious. There is some story issues, in terms of grammar and spelling, and some cutscenes are broken, you can’t read the last line. This latter bit isn’t a common problem however, and you still can understand what is going on. Gameplay is simple, but great. Something I personally loved, some maps are really close to the original. It is worth playing.

Ok game. Char models look fine. Story seemed fine. Dont know anything about IP though. So no nostalgia. Problems: the “Power System” makes no sense. “Foe lvl 124” beaten with a lvl 40 team, dont understand it? No way to make money outside of weekends and events. And everything costs money. As a tactics fan the whole “jump over everything” in combat irks me and takes out alot of strategy. Game is already shut down in JP. With a 3 year run

Heard it was shutting down in Japan and hope that it stays for a longer time on Global. I genuinely like this game and care about the characters and story a lot. Shame that Arc III apparently got replaced with this. 4 stars for now since it doesn’t seem to have enough content or I’m missing something on how to level my characters faster. This’ll probably change as I progress through the game.

Wow, they went HEAVY on the monetization. 2 icons on the main screen + a revolving banner to purchase premium currency. 12 packages that can only be purchased with premium currency, 16 different bundles of premium currency available for purchase. Draw rates as expected for Gacha, no pity system in place like Romancing Saga. PvP always leads to power creep. Not impressed so far. Will update review with more playtime.

I’m a very big fan of Disgaea and ArcTheLad, so thank you Boldtrend for making these 2 games in global. It’s not cashgrab games, you can still play it f2p. Somehow this game is very additing, and I love the story, it’s pretty nostalgic and the continuation of ATL2. The energy refill is very quick too. But yeah it’s kinda grindy but still do able. So please keep up the good work, Boldtrend XD!
  • Boltrend Games
  • Dear friend, thank for your suport, we will make the game better!

So far the game running good as expected. But there’s a few things required attention. First is the loading animation of some character’s skill, some of them seem like delayed or lagged when casting scene came in. Another would the connecting and loading parts, seem like pretty slow for my opinion. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

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