AWP Mode – Snipe other players in online battles

[Game] AWP Mode – Elite online 3D FPS

AWP Mode  Love online shooting games and always go for the sniper rifle?

Get ready for epic sniper games battles against other players. No other guns allowed! A huge arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles and lots of heroes to choose from will keep your itchy trigger finger happy
Snipe other players in online battles and play with friends! Show the world you’re the sharpest shot online, even against top-class sniper pros.

Why you’ll love AWP Mode:
Huge arsenal
Exclusive sniper rifles of all calibers, from Mosin–Nagant, to CVD and M24s. Gear up and show the competition what a real 3D sniper looks like.

Different maps
Lots of maps with special easter eggs, loot chests, helicopters, explosive barrels and other secrets you and your team can use to get the upper hand and dominate in shooting games online!

All kinds of sniper rifle attachments, from scopes and silencers, to other different helpful upgrades.

Cool skins
Customize your guns to fit your style with tons of skins and awesome straps. Show other players what you’re made of in online sniper games.

Crazy good graphics
Dive into an action-packed atmosphere of online shootouts with crisp graphics and exceptional controls.

Upgrade armor and guns
Build your own combat arsenal to upgrade damage, kickback, reload time and magazine size for any gun in any online sniper battle!

Choose your character
Be yourself! Choose from tons of heroes, including New Yorkers, bad girls, bikers, and even Neo. The choice is yours action sniper!

Clans and in-game chat
Form your own clan in one click, or join the clan of your choice. Take down other clans in team shooter battles. Talk to other players and come up with the best tactics to win online sniper battles.

Play every day to earn free prizes for FPS, get new missions and lots of other cool free stuff!
Complete daily online game missions and upgrade gear!

Our game is optimized to the max and runs perfectly on any device, now matter how powerful!
Free to download!





AWP Mode user reviews :

I give it a 3 star, its fun play but as you move up levels you start playing against players who are teleporting from one side to the other, and it’s very difficult to try aiming at them, as soon as get my aim right to shoot, they disappear fast, pls do something about this, and it takes my whole clip just to kill someone, but it takes them one shot and im dead.

The game is Fantastic, i really enjoyed playing this game but there is some issues that almost everyone has written here: 1. Hackers 2. No New Update 3. Limited Maps I hope the developers will bring a new update very soon. I myself on level 51 want to share some tips for those who have just started playing this game: Collect Gold coins from ads, by completing daily Contracts and Quests and 1. Purchase M24 instead of DSR gun(More bullets same power) 2. Open Legendary chest ASAP All the best

Nice game! Good graphics and seamless play. To improve- 1. When phone call comes and the game reloads due to that, it should allow the player to enter the game again. Currently I just lost the game. 2. Should provide custom settings to place the different buttons on the screen wherever the player wants just like other famous battleground games.

Pros 1. Great graphics 2. You can choose auto aim( needs calibration settings) and manual 3. There’s a potential in this game Cons 1. Maps are random but during my playthrough, I’m always on snow map 2. On snow map,there are blind spots that you can camp while opponent is randomly spawning. 3. Leveling up is so slow 4. Most of the game we got 2-3 bots playing. it’s so hard to carry a team with it. Great game but will uninstall for now until it’s officially out in playstore

I’ve played your other games in the past that were only slightly above mediocre…but this title is amazing! The graphics are way better than your other games, the controls are easy and simple, the maps are great and I love the interactive exploding barrels in the jungle map and the secret doors. Ads aren’t stuffed in your face and is only shown when you want a reward! I hope that you keep updating and I give the developers all my support.

Fortnite+Raimbowsix= AWP mode. it is season 1 I believe and the game is on its early stages but if you as a company want to gain players attention and therefore make sure they don’t get bored a new update would be Amazing not huge thing but like new guns or more ways to earn experience. Or stuff like that uno. I personally really enjoy playing AWP mode and hopefully that won’t change will. Also my only concern is that I’m on level 8 and on the leaderboards says that I’ve got 0 kills,exp, wins

Overall, the game is pretty amazing. The graphics are on point, interesting maps and weapons, but the controls need to be improved. Instead for shooting in the moment of zooming in, cannot you make the shot to be automatic? What I mean is.. when the prey is in the vizual area, it would be for the best for the weapon to shoot automatically. Why I’m saying this? Because it would be more easier to defeat the prey, instead of shooting by accident a nearby object.

Last Update :

New characters: Zombie and Skeleton
New perks: “Iron head” and “Toxic”
New weapon skin: “Halloween”
New emotions: “Thriller” and “Pumpkin Dance”
New weapon badge: “Pumpkin Bat”
Halloween-themed barrels
Decorated main menu

Contact developer :


Video :

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