Be Her Hero – Save cute girls from an evil crime organization

[Game] Be Her Hero – Anime Girlfriend

Be Her Hero  You’re the hero and it’s your job to save cute girls from an evil crime organization!


Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

Life’s not easy being the city’s only superhero and it’s even harder when you’ve gotta balance it with high school life! But somehow you’ve managed to keep your identity a secret even from your childhood friend who’s a huge fan of your superhero form.

That all changes when you rescue a girl from your school who somehow figures out your secret identity! Luckily, she becomes your ally, but you can’t keep your guard down! One of the hottest girls in the school seems to have a grudge against your superhero form and she’s looking for revenge…! Will you be able to balance relationships between three girls, your schoolwork and life as a superhero?! Find out in “Be Her Hero!”


The Easygoing Childhood Friend – Luka
Luka’s been your friend for as long as you can remember and is a huge fan of “Dark Apostle,” your superhero form! Not wanting to put her in danger, you play dumb around her, but it’s hard to resist the urge to tell her who you really are…

The Cool Beauty – Sarah
Some might consider Sarah the ice queen, but she’s actually quite friendly once you get to know her! However, she swears that Dark Apostle killed her grandfather and seeks vengeance… Will you be able to convince her otherwise?

The Tsundere Sidekick – Maggie
Spunky and a little feisty, Maggie becomes your partner after she discovers your secret identity! She has almost superhero-like senses and helps you out on your missions. But maybe she wants to be more than just your sidekick…

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Be Her Hero user reviews :

Storywise is fun, the artwork is somewhat different with more of a comical sense in it and I like it. BUT This series hands down has one of the (If not THE) Worst ending I’ve ever played. I’ve restart the chapter to see each of the ending and it’s basically like “I love you MC please go out with me” “Ok” and 3 or 4 other narration without dialogue and that’s that. It’s like they’re stuffing the ending on the last chapter so they don’t need to spend more resources on another chapter. What a waste

only played it a little but I really wish we could change your pronouns and the girl in the tight dress is pretty over sexualized but those are my only complaints

The cost should be free and the chapters should be counted.

Amazing expérience. Value for time.

Game has a cool mystery story genre and cool characters artworks. Cool game overall. Though there are flaws: one, how can we make the paid choices provided that you’ve only given us 30 rubies, every paid choice costs 24+, without any other option of obtaining more than to buy them with real $? How about F2P players like me? Two, maybe give us two tickets instead of one for the two-hour waiting period? It has cool storyline, just upset that I can’t choose the paid choices due to lack of rubies

This game was awesome,I enjoyed every single episode

As expected…this one is also a great one ,And I would like to give a suggestion to other gamers that you should first collect the points from minigame and ,then start the story …As always it hurts to uninstall it

Great story. Loved the game, it’s incredible. Badly need a part 2 of this game.

This game is pretty fun! Out of all of the games here this one has the most potential for a sequel. That’s why Super Hero stories most of the time get sequels, because Super Hero stories always have more to tell than 1 story. The ending was a little rushed though. Also the villain should’ve been a recurring character instead of only showing up at the end. I’d like more stories like this from this developer, Super Hero stories are my favorite stories. 4/5

The story is good! I just don’t like how the ending feels rushed and I don’t like how the gems cost so much. I suggest like only use 10 (or lower) gems so you can pick the premium one. And I wished Luka found out that the player was DA. Well other than that The game/story is good!! Can there be like a part two? Maybe…… Mostlikely not…….But there’s hope!……. Not……. lol I don’t know what I’m even doing

I love the fact that you finally made a game can save them and you have a more wide range of choices that don’t involve rubies that are still good choices, and the fact that you are the one that can actually do stuff to save yourself and Sacrifices u have to make for other people. If this was a restaurant I would rate this a 5-star on Yelp

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