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Bankrupt Demon King – Rule over the Demon Realm

Bankrupt Demon King   I was the CEO of a large company! How am I the owner of the Bankrupt Demon King’s Castle? Through magic, the protagonist’s body has changed places with the Demon King! There waiting for him was the most competent secretary, Riri. The …

OrderZero – Destroys the monsters

OrderZero   This is the story of girls who resist ruin. Monsters occupying the devastated city. You are the one who destroys the monsters and regains their daily lives. Install infinite skills and run through the chaotic battlefield. Full-scale shooting with one finger Skills that change …

Train Driver Yateland – Pull on the horn and away you go

Train Driver Yateland for kids   Which train will you choose? Where will you go? Just take your finger and move your train over bridges, through tunnels, up steep hills, then whizzing down! There are points to change, balloons to pop, rocks to avoid, mud to …

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution   Fight your way to the top by unlocking new blade parts, leveling up your spirit animal, and perfecting your unique fighting style! Become the best blade bouncer in this sequel to a belowed game. Play through the all-new campaign “Story Mode” …

MegaBots Battle Arena – Create the ultimate fighting robot

MegaBots Battle Arena   Ready to be the next CHAMPION? Create the ultimate fighting robot and battle your way to the top of MegaBots Battle Arena! Megabot Battle Arena is a chaotic robot building & robot fighting game where you build your own destructive robot fighters …

Blade Bouncer – Become champion of the blade competition

Blade Bouncer   Outsmart your opponents. Dodge obstacles. Outplay other bladers and become champion of the blade bouncer competition! Smash enemies into obstacles. Use good timing and maneuver to dodge incoming opponents. Acquire lootboxes that contain upgrades. Customize your blade. Collect all spirit animals and use …

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