Choice of Broadsides – A swashbuckling naval adventure

[Game] Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Broadsides  A swashbuckling naval adventure, in the spirit of C. S. Forester’s Hornblower or Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books, with a dash of Jane Austen. Choice of Broadsides is a free text-based game of multiple choice.

Choice of Broadsides user reviews :

A short and sweet game. Fun with good replayability value. For a free game, you really can’t ask for better – Good quality writing and an interesting little plot! Also, as others have said, playing as a woman character is a whole different experience and very entertaining. Definitely give this game a try!

I’ve played through it a few times now and, though in some areas there is a bit of repetitiveness, I still really enjoyed the whole experience! My only complaint would be the abrupt ending, some gameplay past the rank of Post-Captain could be really cool! Other than that the game is great and I can’t wait for new/similar content.

Great story, even I learned more about a ships equipment and it’s workings. However, there weren’t a lot of people to court or at least not enough way to convince a person to marry you; if your character is born poor. The romance scene is quite short an close to the end of the book. Plus you never hear from you “romance” afterwards, like as though they disappear and if you choose to be with some from the opposite side of war, they will always cut off your hand an you kill them. In all 3 out of 5

True to the Patrick O’Brien series such as Master and Commander the game is great for being a choice oriented story although brief as it was I had hoped to get my blood thirsty rating up in the 90+ range and betray my country in favor of piracy in the far east where at the given time of late 18th century one could have gotten away with it at least for awhile ARGH!

It was such an interesting story. The game made me believe as if I was really living in the place and circumstances of the character, and that too without any graphics at all. I request the developers to make a sequel to this.

Really enjoyed playing this game, the choices to be made are logical and easy to make, always enjoyed reading books by Cs Forester and this game reminds me of the Hornblower series which I really enjoyed. Will wait for the next story with anticipation.

Like most of their games its really good, but with this one i find it a bit too short. I had hoped like double or triple the time.

Great game But I think it needs a little extension on the storyline, though Would’ve been much better if we actually work our way up the ladder to admiralty or at least, get a choice to get in on the mutiny

Out of all the games this has the best story. Its the most realistic. When the Gaulish Lieutenant died I actually felt bad. I hope there could be more stories in this genre…

Meh, it’s a thing. Not the best or worst text adventure I’ve ever played. A bit short, but considering you don’t have to pay for the whole thing I won’t hold that against anybody. The story is fun – if a bit basic – and your skills actually determine what choices you should make. Overall a very well implemented mechanic. Definitely for you if you don’t want to commit to some massive 200,000 word novel.

Fantastic, story can be changed from even the smallest of details, and plays with ideas such as honor, loyalty, mutinies, and uses stats like RPGs, and they do have a severe effect on the gameplay. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves Choose Your Own Adventure, swashbuckling adventures, ans has patience to wait 20 minutes after the story ends, because it’s definitely worth it. ps: On the ads, if your offline, no ads pop up.

A little shorter than I hoped, with the story ending a little abruptly. The vast timeskips and fast promotions allow for little storytelling and character development. But after all this, what do we get in return? One naval battle. One. This game tries to do a little bit of everything, but ends up falling flat in every way.

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