Clawberta – Prepare yourself for cuteness overload

[Game] Clawberta

Clawberta  Unlock SURPRISE toys as you explore the neon fevered DREAM WORLD of Clawberta, the most RADICAL claw machine and U.F.O. catcher!

Get your claws on hundreds of KAWAII gachapon toys from all over the globe. These toys are just waiting to BREAK OUT and tell their story. What are you waiting for?!

Prepare yourself for cuteness OVERLOAD! Collect all 100 toys in one world and unlock the next one. Complete your collection for an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise!!!

Oh. My. Claw. Did someone say MAKEOVER?! Dress Clawberta up with all sorts of TRENDY hats and hairstyles as you collect toys, coins and gems and solve PRECIOUS puzzles along the way!

Clawberta requires read/write access to external storage in order to save your progress locally on your device. This ensures that every toy you open, stays in your collection. Clawberta also utilizes cloud save so that you can safely transfer data across devices.

Clawberta user reviews :

This is is SOOO CUTEEE!!! Like the way that Clawberta sounded and the arts is SOO Adorable!! But it could be more fascinating if you could, y’know play with the toys like squish it or something but still, the game? I would recommend it if you’re that type of person like to collect cute stuff ^v^ Great Game!!

Very Cute Just Like Clawbert!! But This Is My Favorite Because The Pastel/Neon Colors Is Just So Cute, Also I Usually Don’t Like Neon Colors But, This One Makes It Look Cute&Cool!! And This Is Like A Waiting Game But, I Don’t Really Like Waiting For The Machine To Reset But, I Still Really Like It! And The Hats Is So Cute. And Thank You For Making These Cute Offline Games! I Really Appreciate It.

This game is SOOOOO KAWAII!! I love it soooo much. The problem is when you get a ball from the claw Michene thingy you have to wait 3 mins to 5 mins to even 6 MINUTES and thats to long just to get a small toy and thats why i gave it a 3 star review. its just not fair that you have to wait SOOOO long just to get a sticker for example So if the game HOPEFULLY fixes it to where it takes 0 MINS ill give it a 5 star review

Very cute art style, adorable premise. I love reading the description of these items. I have it 4 stars since I wish there was more to owning the items, like maybe being able to play with them and squish them virtually, or maybe there could be an online thing with it where you could trade with others and people could see your inventory.

Cute fun game maybe make it where you could watch ads to decrease the time of hatching gachapons. Especially the bigger\rare ones. Just a suggestion love the game thank you.could you please add more world for Clawberta? I noticed that Clawbert has new worlds but not Clawberta. Love both games but i finished Clawberta i need new worlds thank you for your time. Have a nice day\night.

I love it soo much but just the part i dont like when it goes longer untill i can get the little item inside. But its a really good game i love it soo much soo amazing and entertaining not much ads wich is amazing!

It’s been one day and I’m already bored. I hate having to wait for my gachas or whatever for them to open. This game reminds me of that dragon game where all you mostly do is wait. There’s nothing else to do but wait for your prize unless you got coins. It’s a very boring game. Wouldn’t recommend the game if you’re an impatient person.

Yes yes yes …. Clawberta is the best thing in k pop and up. the other game Clawbert is not k pop it is normal. But if I get money it has a add. But it is cool and nice!

This game is awesome, fun and exciting. I really like this game cuz you can play it when you are bored. But it kinda gets boring as you play it, because it’s annoying how the balls take over MINUTES to open. I recommend it, but not if you are inpatient.

I love it! Its cute and easy everything you want but the thing rated it 4 stars is that you have to wait 30/29 minutes to reset it again, so yeah thats all my complain overall its fun (im just very impatient ) you guys did a very good job!

This game is so fun,cool,and exciting and me and my friend have completing to see who can empty it first,honestly its just a fun game when your bored,HIGHLY RECAOMANDED

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