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Award-winning U.S. Country singer Scotty McCreery is about to have his premiere virtual appearance in Club Cooee – the first musical artist ever to perform for our online Community! His three No. 1 albums speak for themselves: This guy’s got what it takes! That’s why we are really proud to present such a great star!

Be part of the experience and enjoy Scotty McCreery’s first virtual concert at ClubCooee! Check out his gig next weekend anytime you want. From April 23 – 26, you’ve got the chance to attend the concert round the clock.

ClubCooee is a friendly and lively virtual world where you can make new friends. ClubCooee is a real social chat game with millions of users from all over the world. Chat, have fun, and make friends: it’s easy and free.

In ClubCooee you can go to virtual 3D chat parties your 3D avatar and get to know new friends easily and playfully.

You can create your 3D avatar with more than 500,000 crazy outfits. You’ll be thrilled by the outfits other users have designed!

At a virtual chat party or a virtual concert, the latest music is always playing and even you can be a DJ, too!

The shop offers the hottest dances and dance moves for your 3D avatar, so the party mood is perfect.

Thousands of virtual 3D chat rooms, where you can party round the clock, are waiting for you.

Create your own virtual 3D chat room and decide for yourself. The choice is yours: inside, outside, on the beach, at home, day, or night.

In our virtual world, you are never alone. Many have already found the love of their life, have started a virtual family, or live a virtual life in Club Cooee. Of course, you can also go on a virtual date here.

The built-in avatar chat helps you chat with your friends in a fun way: romantic dancing, hugging, kissing, or just doing nonsense for fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you here! Install the free app now, design your 3D avatar, and join a virtual party!


Create your 3D avatar with crazy outfits, tattoos, accessories, hairstyles, eye colors, and more
Choose from more than 500,000 apparel items and accessories
Discover the crazy apparel and fashion items in the shops of other users
Style your 3D avatar in a romantic, crazy, sweet, seductive, freaky, or mysterious way. However you want it to be

Chat with friends from all over the world
Visit virtual parties and concerts and make new friends
Enjoy the virtual world where everything revolves around virtual parties and finding new friends
Chat with friends and use 3D emojis to dance together closely, hug each other, or just do nonsense
Let your 3D avatar dance and show who you are, who you like, and who you belong to
Give others small gifts from their wish list to draw attention to yourself and find new friends

Move freely in the virtual world
Go to the DJ booth with your 3D avatar and play your favorite YouTube songs
Visit 3D chat rooms with Internet radio stations and interact live with the presenter
Open your own virtual 3D music chat club and assign jobs to DJs, bouncers, or dancers
Invite other 3D avatars into your personal virtual world for a house party, beach party, a romantic dinner, or date
Start a virtual family and live your virtual life happily and carefree

Use your profile to draw people’s attention to you
Show crazy photos of your 3D avatar in your timeline and make new friends
Keep your virtual family and circle of friends up to date

Collect achievements, badges, and rare items
Show what you’ve got in virtual 3D quiz rooms
Climb the XP, DJ, and Quiz Rankings
Sell rare items on the built-in marketplace and make a profit

Please note that Club Cooee is for ages 16+.

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Club Cooee user reviews :

This is a really chill game i guess, but it would be nice for the game to not allow you to add surtent types of music on your playlist, like the ones that have pornography. It’s really annoying when people play those types of music cuz no matter how much you report them they litteraly don’t get ban or anything

This app is awsome you get to connect and talk to so many ppl play music create your own avatar but it wont let me spend my money on it for some reason I keep trying but It just wont let me if you fix this glitch I’ll give the app 5 stars

I love how theres diffrent outfit but I hate that you have to buy good brand outfits with c coins because there hard to get why not p coin but overall it very good for my advice you should try it

Amazing game love to chat with friends and design my character I love how its not that showy and all the updates just love it! I think if you’re searching for a game with chat and character’s you can change with clothes you should totally get this game!

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