Cooking Life – Dash into your tasty town

[Game] Cooking Life – Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary

Cooking Life  Welcome to Cooking Life and Start your best Cooking Hot Life in 2020.

Get ready for the New Cooking Home Game ? Dash into your tasty town and design your cooking restaurant, cater customers with top-quality dishes ! Those real cooking fevers would motivate your cooking craze in this casual strategy restaurant games! Come and feel the cooking fever!
Expand our culinary skills and serve delicious food to earn achievements in a fantastic and time management cooking home game! Just simply download the kitchen content and start your COOKING LIFE!


Cook top-level cuisines from around the world!
Match food to customer orders with challenges, boosts, mini-events, and puzzles!
Bake donuts, cook cookies, grill burgers and tasty steaks!
Enjoy the Smoothest game operations and the Easiest gameplays!
Utilize time management skills for yourself and create the empire of restaurant!
Earn tips from restaurant renovations!
Customize your clothes, restaurants and decorations!
Involve special EVENTS and popular tournaments.
Play with your friends to experience as a real chef and manage a restaurant together!
No need Internet after the initial install, loading process becomes more simple!

Let’s imagine this scenario:

When you spend a long workday and back to home, you are losing the courage and hope about life. Then, you notice the picture on the bedside table and recall all the memory about your grandpa…

In the next day, you are in the coach with the picture and back to your hometown. In the car, your finger is touching the frame and fall asleep. When you wake up, you would see the colorful buildings in the hometown. Everything is as beautiful as the memories. After seeing strangers in familiar streets and restaurants, you walk to the door of Grandpa’s restaurant.

Now a brand new energetic cooking game is Online
What are you waiting for? Let’s Cook & Design your Cooking Home!

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Cooking Life user reviews :

Came from Cooking Diary. Pretty good game. The game will have you spend a lot of gems on I think your first upgrade, but don’t panic. The rest of the upgrades aren’t nearly as much. Plenty of opportunities to earn what you need. Yes you use more gems, but you also earn a lot more. Just a different scale. No issues with anything so far. Would be nice if the guild chat was improved. Hard to chat. Will give a 5 when the chat improves.

It’s like cooking diary. I’m still in first restaurant and it seems easy to get coins and gems. I assume as u get further in restaurants probably get harder. I left cooking diary after playing that for over a year cause it got greedy with paying for gems etc and the levels got harder to win. Time will tell if this game does same thing. Only thing I suggest changing is the cook she looks too cartoony.

I enjoy this game a lot, its engaging and challenging. I like that i can have a guild, that guildies can help each other. Also the graphics is good. There are plenty of things to do: cooking, changing costumes, achievements, guild, restaurant decoration, competing for top ranks. I recommend it.

Didn’t even bother to go past level 2. This IS a Cooking Diary rip off but far worse. Right out of the gate forced to use the few gems given. Pressed the option to watch ads to speed up a delivery only for the gems to be taken anyway. Forced to continue in the tutorial. Did not like this busted copy of CD. Uninstalled immediately!!!! For anyone coming from CD this is not worth your time.

I started playing this game because it is so similar to Cooking Diary, but the makers haven’t gotten as greedy as Cooking Diary yet. At first I didn’t really like it, but after playing it for awhile, I’m really starting to enjoy it. I just really wish the graphics were better.

Can’t open the game, is it even supported anymore? FB page is as dead as a doornail. game hasn’t had an update in 6 months. For the few levels I was able to play, seems fine, but the avatar is creepy ugly. Can’t play a game that doesn’t open.

You can play for a little bit, but then if you don’t spend money you can’t get any further. Some places is timed people don’t come out, some time you have to double tap, which waste time. When I complained they said your not fast enough. I went 20 games without a miss, missed one then won 15. They cheat you a lot. You can play the same level for weeks, pay money you will win the next try. Haven’t played in months.

Love this game! OK it’s basically the same as Cooking Diary but so much more generous and fun than that game has become. My new stress reliever and I look forward to enjoying this game for a long time to come.

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