Crush Crush – Kill some time and make you laugh out loud

[Game] Crush Crush

Crush Crush  Hey hot stuff! Are you looking for a fun and flirty game to kill some time and make you laugh out loud? That’s a crazy coincidence, because it’s been looking for you! Welcome to CrushCrush – the Idle Dating Sim!

Crush Crush user reviews :

Very funny, and enjoyable game. I really like the system of gaining trust, friendship, and further on over time effects how they react to you / your actions towards you etc. Overall, a very fun and well layed-out concept. EDIT: Coming back to this after just finishing the game, and you will definitely need spare time, as you will very likely need to be maxed out to finish the game, which requires a lot of gems. BUT, the game itself had a satisfying ending, with great characters and designs!

I absolutely LOVE this game! When I first started, I didn’t know that I was going to love it so much. I have only played for a couple of months but I am already addicted to it. I also saw Markiplier play Blush Blush, and I wish it was also on mobile. Thanks for letting me know about the outfits! I also saw a locked outfit for Mio, and was curious about that. Other than that, you guys did an amazing job making this game!
  • Sad Panda Studios Ltd
  • Outfits are coming! Sorry it’s taking a bit longer then we had anticipated. But keep checking back, we should hopefully have them in the game soon!

It’s a fun game, really amazed that this was also a nutaku like uncensored version I mean. But hell I love it a lot, I even watch ads and all to get over 100 diamonds. Yes, you heard me. Over 100. And I’m still watching them for getting a lot faster and quicker. I have to say with honour, you guys should be proud of yourselves for creating a great game such as that! And the event? Love too. P.s. I got the diamonds in one day so Yeah. That’s pretty normal if you ask me.10/10 my opinion. Hats off.

Thank you for the notification feature, really appreciate that. The daily mission-like events are a great addition to the game as well. And finally a new phone fling and a new phone call! Really like her voice and I think it match her image. It just that her voice is too soft, even after I mute the background music and max out the volume while using headphones. Great as always and keep up the good work SPS devs!

I love this game, and I’m excited for Blush Blush to come to mobile eventually as well!! Both games are very cute!! I love that all the characters are bisexual, and even express interest in each other, as well as Marshmallow. And the phone flings are pretty epic as well. Generica made me cry a little. Wendy made me laugh and also umm… Feel things. All the girls are excellent!! My favorite girl in the main game is Elle. This game makes me really happy all in all

Okay I love this game! It’s a great idle game. I love almost everything about it. You should give it a shot. The only complaints I have are… 1. There are characters you have to pay cash for, but i get it you do want to make money. 2. Stories of your dates dont have much depth, i think you should have a cutscene for each stage of love youre at not just a photo… Js 3. The phone conversation wait times are outrageous. THATS IT! THIS GAME IS GREAT IF YOURE INTO IDLES AND SIMS! I wish for more

I really really love this game and like a lot of the reviews I watch ads a lot to get diamonds and speed things up. I also like the phone conversations where you can actually here the girls talking. I’m still giving 5 stars even though I don’t like that if I miss a day in one of the events, I can’t get it back. I know I should check in everyday but sometimes I can’t, or just don’t remember. There should at least be one option to pay diamonds or something to check the day.

Really fun app, something to do in my spare time with enjoyable characters. I would give five stars however, with the newest update adding Ruri as more than a phone fling, the extra adds you can watch for time skips and 2x speed are freezing up occasionally and making it so I have to close and reopen the app. When I do so, it seems to have reset some of my progress back a bit, ie: phone flings setting back a few choices, stages for girls being set back, etc. I hope this can be fixed soon!

Very enjoyable game, normally with mobile games I have a short period of time where im invested then never open the app again, that hasnt happened with this game. I enjoy how adds arent a requirement and reward you. Very easy to get gems, the LTIs are fun. I just wish you were able to unlock more girls through phone flings like Pumpkin or Wendy. If you ever put Blush Blush or Kitty Castanova, or even Hush Hush, I’d play. Continue the good work

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