Crystaliq – Beautiful filters to achieve a creative mirror

[App] Crystaliq – Prism photo & video filters

Crystaliq  Crystaliq is the most aesthetic photo editor and video maker application with a kaleidoscope lens effect on the Android.

Photographers, makeup artists, and beauty makers love to edit photos with Crystaliq beautiful filters to achieve a creative mirror and broken glass effect with our picture editor.

Crystaliq photo filters​​ are very frequently used to amaze people with almost ​​3d photos and moving pictures on Instagram, VSCO, Snapchat, and TikTok.


Select from a variety of predefined awesome grids to duplicate, distort and rotate your beautiful face or figure on images;
Add multiple reflections of your selfies since one instance of your face is just not enough to express the beauty of yours;
Create strangely bizarre fractal patterns from eyes, lips, hands, animals… practically anything. The classic photo grid is boring, amaze your friends with some psychedelic imagery.
Add chromatic aberration to reach some real glitch effect. Sometimes fractal body-part madness is just not enough without glitche topping.
Add kaleidoscope effects also called as a “Kaleido effect” in some of Crystaliq grids instead of using other boring filters for pictures;
​​Blur grid edges to add some mystery or sharpen them and have fun with your crisp duplicates;
Make it retro, be vintage. 90s is a new sexy. Crystaliq can satisfy your aesthetic desires through time and space be it old school film photography or blurry pictures of the 90s.
Displace parts of your image to get as abstract as you can. Sometimes placing your eye near your pinky on the same picture can create some strangely beautiful effect. You never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯;
Add motion to your photo with an animator feature. Capture gesture while moving filters and create uniqueue video effect.

You are a diamond, so shine bright. Make your photos and videos look brilliant with the Crystaliq app.

Crystaliq user reviews :

This is very nice, but it lags a little on my old tablet. So I won’t use it. However, it has beautiful effects. The blur transition effect could have been bad, but the developer obviously took his time to ensure it is silky smooth. Nicely done. PS: A 1:1 optional crop effect would be nice and would allow a more efficient use of app resources. A smaller size to calculate. Maybe offer the 1:1 and a couple other ratios if it doesn’t bloat the app. Somebody else asked for landscape.

Just downloaded it and love it. Well done. I was surprised how high the quality of the app actually is. I hope you develop more and more of great products. Cheers

Surprised how much I liked this effect. The way it made my picture multiply was awesome!

All So Awesome But Would Be All Awesome If Everybody Could Have It All On Up To Five Devices Than Buying It For All Devices Each Time

Thy really want you to pay for this! You have to back out of the payment option about 4 times before you get to the free option! The aspect ratio is limited and the ability to move the picture within the frame is choppy!

Most of pictures are for portarit good effective. But it is not better for many objects pictures, I try this app. Meanwhile it is no good for object picture, and uses for macro flower butterfly, bee pretty good. I like them.

I love this app. Great for picture and video manipulation.

This is hands down one of my favorite apps. I pay for the pro version and I’m generally satisfied. However I am now encountering an issue with choosing photos saved to my phone. Over half of the photos I’m looking for do not show up in the crystaliq app even though they are present in my phones album.

I really do enjoy the effects on this app. So much so that I bought the pro to save larger files. But now it crashes everytime i try to save the largest file at max?

Would be better if I could remove the watermark for free or by watching ads

Had a problem with the PRO version but they fixed it within days. Really good app, very original

I literally almost went crazy searching for an app that does EXACTLY this. Good job guys!! I couldve just went and bought a prism but yeah this is perfect. Yall should let me be a spokesman for this app.

I do save my photo but it doesn’t show in my gallery..why is that ??
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  • Hi, please send a detailed description of the problem to support[at] We will definitely provide you with a solution soon. Thanks for your feedback.

I love it use it alot

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