Cube Escape – Help Harvey find a way out

[Game] Cube Escape – Harvey’s Box

Cube Escape  Harvey the parrot is moving to Rusty Lake inside of a cardboard box.

Help Harvey find a way out by discovering the purpose of the odd items scattered around the box: a fruit, a comb and a box of cigars…

Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box is the fourth episode of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.

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Cube Escape user reviews :

I really like Rusty Lake series. It has very interesting games, it keeps you focus and it really opens your mind somehow. Some sequences are kinda creepy, ngl, but they are fun to play.

I’m a huge Rusty Lake fan. A few clues in this game didn’t make any sense to me though. I’m still trying to figure out how a book lights a match stick. I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one if you’re new to their escape puzzles. Maybe try Samsara or Paradox to start with which are more consistently intuitive.

I got through the box in an hour or so. It was awesome! I’ve been taking music theory and I found it came very helpful when figuring out the comb.

it was going well until I had to ring the glass cup with a spoon I could only ring one note and no other notes were working I don’t know what’s wrong with it pls fix this

Awesome and frustrating, because I have no memory. Lol I have finished every single cube, and all the fantastic roots,hotel and paradise. I’ve bought everything. MOOOAAAARRRR !

It is such a fun mystery game but beware don’t put your sound all the way up unless you like being stardaled lol

These games are so good although you should probably just get the collection at this point

I like this game though I did getb jumpscared at the end. It was funny!

Would’ve been perfect without the musical comb thing. It was just annoying in my opinion

It was quite scary and weird than the others. Loved it.

On the short side. Not my favorite rusty lake title, but unique, nonetheless.

The most stupid and uncomfortable cube escape ive played so far. I get the notes puzzle, but its made unnecessarily uncomfortable, since u have to memorize 4 bars of music. Even knowing the note names its very frustrating. The domino puzzle is straight up stupid, there is no logical way to solve it, since for every one piece there are at least 3 possible continuations, and unless u fully combine it u dont know that u put something wrong

Hey, so i can’t install the app. It just downloads and asks me to delete an app, when i do it restarts and does the same exact thing, then it says it won’t let me :( please help me, I’ll come back and change it to 5 stars

The wine glass didn’t fill up even though i clicked it may times
  • Rusty Lake
  • Is the pigeon peeping out of the hole? Did you match the pose of the crow and fish to the drawing and give the cigar to the fish? Also, make sure to lit the match against the matchbox and light the cigar. After this you can mimic the musical notes by selecting the wine glass with the spoon. If this doesn’t work you have to reset the game.
I love these games. Even more fun is finding paintings that might have inspired them. In this one (and Samsara Room) I found what appears to be a lot of inspo from Renee Magritte’s “Personal Values”. I’d love to know if I’m right.
  • Rusty Lake
  • Thank you for playing our games Humble Pie! Indeed the games have some moments that are inspired by René Magritte’s surreal paintings. (The collective invention for example) We love that he reveals the strangeness behind the most familiar things.

Nice game but the wine glass feature does not work on Android. It’s the last puzzle of the game so the player won’t miss out on much. But nevertheless, it would be nice to have it working.

The puzzles are okay but be sure to have a pen and paper unless you have a memory better than a gold fish. So I’m not sure if I’m irritated with the game or my short memory here but needing to write down music notes and junk isn’t my idea of a game to play at bed time. But that’s just me. It’s a decent game, well made… just some of the puzzles are, not to complex, but too hard [for me] to remember while turning in the Box to accomplish them. Dominos was the easiest puzzles but wine glass sucks

I love the Cube Escape series, but the walkthrough is impossible for me because in all games except Paradox the background is missing, which is necessary for passing. It is a pity that this is so. I will be glad if the problem can be corrected. Upd: it still doesn’t work, but thank you for noticing this anyway. I found out that several other users are complaining about it too. Upd2: Yay, it works! :D
  • Rusty Lake
  • Hi, we apologise about the black background bug. We’ve recently updated almost all of the games in the Cube Escape series, with the exception of The Cave, with a fix for this issue (the update for The Cave will be up in the next few days). Thank you for your patience!

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