D-MEN – Protect the earth from invasion

[Game] D-MEN – The Defenders

D-MEND-MEN : Choose and assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes to protect the earth from invasion.

This innovated new game combines the best parts of collecting your favourite heroes, and levelling their skills and abilities, and defeating waves of enemies that have come to destroy your home!

Welcome to D-MEN:The Defenders!

New system
Long before there were humans on earth, titans and gods clashed over the control of the Realms. To protect the inhabitants of each realm, the mightiest of all the gods sealed the passage to each world. A millennium has passed since then and the seal has been broken by Hela herself! The time has come to not only protect your world but of all beings in all the realms!

Standard Features

Improve, Adapt, and Fight
Choose from a wide range of legendary heroes to stand against the forces of evil. Your team will work even while you are sleeping. Only have a few minutes to play each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will continuously protect the world and when you log back in, you can collect the resources they gathered, and upgrade your abilities, equipment and expand your team! Unlimited possibilities!

Tower defence
A new spin to a classic tower defence game! Balance the different classes of your unique heroes when you deploy them in the battlefield. Prepare your combat strategies using your hero’s special abilities to protect your world!

Collect Legendary Heroes
Assemble your heroes from the four different factions, each of whom has their own unique abilities, skills and attributes. The more heroes you have, the more versatile your team can be!

Immersive strategy
Find and improve the combination of the right heroes to use in both PVE and PVP. Matching the right team for the task will produce very different results! Share, your strategies, and find recommendations from your teammates to see who can build the strongest team!

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D-MEN user reviews :

Great game, good daily and a non spender can do well in this game. I’m really enjoying this game, they also do frequent updates which is nice.

Absolutely godawful drop rates. Even when a 5 does show up, itll be a 5* version of a base 3* unit. Whats the point of pulling a 5 then, when even the 5* s you get arent even unique..

The game is all right but you will hit up point in the campaign where the mission is impossible and you cannot go any further. Wish it wasn’t so but over 700000 power and grinding to unlock one mission that I can’t beath thanks game dev.

Rather amazing till the 3rd day. This game would be a 5 star but after 4 days of playing #1 issue.. after flying through the campaign and it wasnt super easy they stall you saying you must level up to continue . Thats horrible why should i now have to wait 19 hours before i can do anything. You get to a point where you need campaign gold and items to beat the bosses and other stages. Easy improvment not forcing someone to wait for exp. I wanna play this dont give me reasons not too…

this is really not bad to be a free to play game. with a little bit of strategy, you can still win the events even without paying. i’ve been playing this for almost 2 months now and idle heroes is the best game of all the games of the same platform (including ml adventures and epic summoners).

It is fun playing this game. It is easy to collect resources because it continues to collect even offline. It is also ballance because the requirements for upgrading is costly. In short the game is pretty balanced. I wish for more updates and content from you guys.

This game is so much fun. I love it. I found out a way to level up really fast you have to go into campaign and go to like the 2nd or 3rd Island and leave the game alone for like a whole day and by the time you come back you will have about 500k xp. It’s a good way to get gems but love this game lots

This game is fun like you can like do everything you can like involved your characters like I have a good one and I could beat up any single one and it heals my friends so you should play this game it’s really good I’m not even going to stop it until I die if you want to go to heaven I’m still playing it

Last Update :

New content:

Added PVP 4x and 8x speed battle
Added Sun faction hero “Rockefeller”
Added new idols “Odin” and “Abinus”
“Little Bear Adventure” added automatically throwing dice function

Optimized functions:
Optimized the rewards’ collection operation in the Warriors Manual and the Dwarf Workshop
Optimized the performance of heroes and artifacts upgrade
Optimized the drop interface in auto-battle

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