Dark Days – An unknown epidemic nearly wiped out humanity

[Game] Dark Days – Zombie Survival

Dark Days  Earth is different now.

An unknown epidemic nearly wiped out humanity, dooming it to an eternal struggle for survival. Almost the entire population was turned into bloodthirsty zombies.

The apocalypse struck and cities were overrun with the walking dead. The military dropped nuclear bombs in the most infected areas, but it was too late. The epidemic was out of control. All hope was lost.

People fled their cities to find shelter from the walking dead.
They started building shelters to survive their last days in the new post-apocalyptic landscape.
Fight. Gather resources. Build your shelter. Survive!

Dark Days is a tactical survival shooter!
Dark Days combines the best parts of shooter and survival games in one.
Your mission? Build your last shelter, gather resources, craft weapons and equipment, and wipe out hordes of zombies starved for human flesh in a post-apocalyptic world.
Survive to the very end and give hope to build a new world!


Build and upgrade your shelter
Gather resources
Craft weapons and equipment
Original graphics style
Massive world
Intuitive controls
Sophisticated item creation system
Unique rewards for beating bunkers
Tons of weapons and equipment.
And hordes of crazed zombies to kill roaming a post-apocalyptic world!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/azur_games
YouTube: www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

Dark Days user reviews :

Pros: new twist on survival. 3rd person shooter, cell animation a la bordelands. Free ad chests are generous, but only drop common items. Cons: typical model. Gear wears out quickly. Anything better than mid level is a long grind to find materials for. Unless you’re willing to buy high end gear for cash, expect the game to reach grind plateau by lvl 20.

I like this game ,graphic is amazing, But i didn’t save cloud data, Why not support google play game

This is really a great game. When you are at the base, you don’t need to go to your chests to pick materials needed for crafting. Only one tap to chop a tree. Wider view, so you can look around to see if there are enemies or things to pick. Smart design, easy and comfort control. But I need to be able to delete unused crafting building (e.g. smelters, campfires), and reset the game data to start again from beginning by clearing the game data and or cache. I will give 5 stars for these features.

I love this game. It’s so good. But there’s a problem I am suffering from. And that when I am home or any other place then when I go to kill mutants and loot chest. The game stopped and say wating for server response but my server is perfectly fine and I also hate it in the middle of the game it comes. So please fix this problem please then I will rate 5 stars to it. I love this game very much. So please fulfill my request please.
  • Azur Interactive Games Limited
  • Sorry to hear about that problem. Please try reinstalling the game and rebooting your device. If this will not solve the issue contact us via darkdays@azurgames.com and describe your issue in detail, attaching screenshots\screenrecords.

it is a really good game what make it better than the rest is the 3rd person view but the only reason i don’t give 5 stars is that there is no option to turn off the music its already getting on my last nerve i dont wont to have to abandon this just because of that so please sort it out so there is a option to turn off the music not the sound effects just the music then i will give 5 stars but still awesome game guy’s

The game play is good but I think there should be more locations, multiplayer, real player raiding and no ai base timers there shouldn’t be a timer for the ai base to disappear

The concept is not new, but not bad at all. But there is no sneaking mode and critical hits, like other scavenge/craft/survive games

very noice. the graphics remind me “the wolf among us”

It’s good so far but I now the game is still in development

Awesome game keep updates regularly

Finally! I’ve got what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been playing Ldoe since it’s intial release and I seriously liked that game just because of it’s playstyle. The “only thing” I was wishing for was the 3D feature. Because Ldoe is only 2 dimensional. This game still lacks behind in a thing or two as everyone has been mentioning like the sneak function and all but apart from that such a beautiful piece of work! Thankyou Azur for this beauty!

i like the game but there is many problem on it, cant see the wall, stone and almost all in the ground is imvisible, so its very hard to play……

Fun and addictive

Game’s graphics and controls are good. Good to see a 3D version of servival game. But the gameplay can be improved. For example the enemies are little too strong from the beginning of game. Resources are also rare.

its good! Only the graphics is the problem it needs some improvements! and bug fixes! and the network problems! thank you for making this cool game!

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