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[App] Days Matter – Countdown Event

Days Matter  Days Matter is an app to countdown your important days, such as: How many days away from your Family’s birthday? When to pay your credit card? How many days are there from your payday? How long has it been since the baby was born?


10,000 Years Support – From January 1, The Year One AD to December 31, 9999 AD, count up/down. You can count how many days has it been since the independence of the United States, how long have you been in love with your lover, how long has it been since the baby was born……

Support Various Widgets

Today in History

Date Calculator

Custom Categories – 3 default categories: Anniversary, Work, Life, support custom categories

Lunar Calendar Support: From 1901 AD to 2099 AD

Pin top for important dates, arranged in chronological order

Custom event background

Advanced feature: Passcode Protection

Please feel free to provide problem reports, feature ideas and general comments.

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Days Matter user reviews :

I use it for all sorts of things. Upcoming birthdays/anniversaries. How long left military, retired, licensed amateur….

Good program but the 4 x 2 widget does not update automatically, which is the whole purpose of the thing. You have to cycle to another category and back every day for the update to occur. Should be easy to fix. More “serious” colors and (especially) icons would be really nice. It’s the only Android countdown program with a simple list format like that in the 4 x 2 widget, which makes it worth considering.

I love this app! It’s helped me keep track of appointments and important matters. However I wish we could set individual alarm times for each entry and not just have a default reminder time.

It was all good and nice until the widgets stopped working, the widget showed there is 7 days to the event whereas in reality it was only 3 days.The widget doesn’t refreshes daily until you open the app. Please fix that.

nice app! it would have better if yiu have added notification or alarm for those important days. also sign up is difficult due to Chinese instructions.

it needs a backup option. amd also when i create new categories I’d like to also have different icons instead of just a star.

I like the UI and the displayed data, but a dark theme would make this a five star app.

Too difficult to set up and seems fixed on the wrong date format.

Easy to use,but it do not send any notification even i have turned on notification.

Best ever app found in this category. When i found this app all my search came to an end. Thanks dev for such a great app. Hats off..

Simple thing: It doesn’t pick up events from the calendar. That’s the most important thing.

Great app. Best on play market for day counters

Recommended for counting down to some important days

May you try once before u move on. Believe me, the applications of this company are so much helpful!, don’t follow the dogma for anti-china thing. I’m from India but totally loved this and other 3 apps of the same developer.

Good App, should also include timer.

It helps me keep track of the days i use it mostly 2 count down the days until Christmas

I mean I really like this app, but after I redownload it, I can’t open it anymore..

There is no way to set the timezone. So, the day count is off by one day for me .

Thank you for this App, I can see actually how some days matter so much to us.

Would be better if we can type in description for the event

Can you please add an option to exlude some days. Thanks

does exactly what I installed it for and has a widget.

It’s a day off so essentially useless!!

Exactly what I needed is in this app congrats to developers

I think the best part about this issue.

It’s one app I will like to treasure

How do you talk about pay days in there when your events can not repeat by-weekly ? I mean why wouldn’t you think about that before you even rolled this out ?
  • Clover Team
  • The latest version now supports multi-week/month/year repeat, please let us know if there is still any issue.

good, can you add a fingerprint unlock feature, it’ll be nice. thanks

Very good , specially backup feature

Great apps with widget, would u add notes & pictures in event, and remove the arrives in words? Thank you for the apps

It would be much better if we can use hash tags, rearrange categories up and down, use priority tags, can use our song as ringtone Other that that beat app I have ever used So 5 starts for u

It’s good. May be add some function will better for use. 1. Add more circle time (ex: every two weeks) 2. Category sorting. 3. Add countdown from calendar.

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