Deep in the woods – Make sure to select well the attributes

[Game] Deep in the woods

Deep in the woods  The new Card Battler Game

Some seek fortune
Some seek fame
What will you find…
deep in the woods?

In “Deep in the woods” you role as a group of heroes who arrived in a enchanted forest and find a lot of monsters and dangers, now you have to choose one of the 6 unique heroes with different skills to fight against the creatures and advance across the hazards!

But not only that!
Deep in the woods is not another roguelike card game, you can find not only creature cards, potions, and traps, but also 4 hard to defeat final bosses, at least 5 especial effects like poison, burning, freezing, confusion etc. and some other special cards with different effects.

Make sure to select well the attributes to upgrade each time you beat a level, if you die you will start from 0 again, but you can buy items and rings before your next try to make it easier and easier until you beat the entire run.

Deep in the woods user reviews :

Very interesting gameplay with cool graphics, animation, and fast control. Very nice. Never played this kind of games. Excellent!

I enjoyed this rouguelike card game Deep in the Woods. The gameplay is so cool, graphics are cool, and the creatures as well. Really loved it.

Amazing game! Liked it so much due to the funny and cute creatures accross the forest. Amazing job by the dev.

I never played this Rougelike card games but after playing this one, I found it very intersting and fun. Thumbs up! Keep up good works like this!

The game plot and the gameplay both are fantastic. Loved Deep in the Woods.

The game is so fun, exciting, interesting, and satisfying. One of my favorite games from now.

The perfect for my free time. I like very much this game. That’s great for me and my kid. Thanks for this game men

The app is fun and good game

Fantastic. I’m sure you would like it

One of the best strategy based card battler games. The gameplay is so satisfying and enjoyable. Amazing job by the developer. Keep it up.

Very interesting gameplay with cool graphics, animation, and fast control. Very nice. Never played this kind of games. Excellent!

I’m so happy with this game, have no complaints at all, everything is fine, enjoying it so much.

This game is really so fun and exciting. Ideal for having fun with kids and families. Absolutely brilliant.

Last Update :

Now the upgrade rewards are limited to an amount that depends of the hero atributes, it means that now you cant just increase your base health/shield/mana and shield infinitely, but only to the maximun amount the hero youre using allow.
That will make the game more balanced.

-Fixed a bug that makes the axe and potion upgrades dont work after closing the game.
-Fixed a bug that allow the players to retry the run without loosing the levels reached.

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Video :

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