Dino Squad – Prove that you are the cleverest Dino handler around

[Game] Dino Squad – TPS Dinosaur Shooter

Dino Squad  Good news, everyone: we have just cancelled the Fifth Extinction!

Dinosaurs are real — and they are back in action.

Dino Squad is a hectic multiplayer PvP shooter with unmatched sense of scale and gameplay variety. Play however you want and prove that you are the cleverest Dino handler around!


Striking visuals. Come on, just look at the pictures!
17 — seventeen! — Dinos. They bite, they lash out, they do tail sweeps — and, of course, they shoot. Those mounted weapons are no joke.
No Dino is the same. Pick a sneaky velociraptor and hide under everyone’s legs, or go full T-Rex if you want EVERYONE to notice you
Customization, Jurassic-style. Collect your Dino Squad, select weapons and armor and make your beautiful attack Triceratops truly yours!
S-s-skill-based progression! Show your combat prowess — and your Dinos will get stronger along with you
Survival of the fittest. Adapt to environment on 6 huge maps. Tall grass, hot lava and unpredictable water flows can become both your friends or foes.

Dino Squad user reviews :

The game is amazing, you can get a headstart by buying dinos, but it is all available by playing and earning daily activities which is amazing. Only things are there is very limited dinos, the new update with the weapon swaps is awesome but should’ve left modules in, would’ve been much better, and please add in new dinos other than Rex and carno get us some other giants.

I like your game and everything. But have you ever gave a thought to the dino Herald. He needs to be nerfed. Once he’s spawned close to the home area tower. It becomes impossible to fight back. That makes it frustrating every match. U should nerf its range. It’s taking the fun out of it. A match which is a sure win and suddenly out of know where missiles strike and the tower along with get destroyed. It makes me wonder if u even heard of something called balancing or fair.

This game is really fun and enjoyable to play. There’s only a couple problems. First of all, connection during gameplay can become very laggy. Hopefully in the future the devs can fix the lag problem. Secondly, the game is majorly pay to win. I would suggest lowering the value of gold coins, make special dinos easier to get, or make the gold coins easier to get. If the devs would do that, it would not be pay to win but play to win, which in my opinion is better for a better playing experience.

The game very fun but sometimes when opening the game or after a fight it won’t load the home area where you can see the dinos. I’ve also seen that some have complained about this game being a “pay to win” game, it was made by Pixonic the same game company who made War Robots, and the same as in that game, you can fully play through the entire game and unlock everything without paying a penny, although they do give you the option to buy dinos or weapons if you want. Overall a very good game.

Fun, although it doesn’t have a way for you to play with your friends… the monsters are cool, but lack in variety… it’s just the same monster with a different skin… also when you upgrade and level up there arent visual changes… only when you’ve equipped a different gun, does that happen… they could make this game better with a few updates and changes… and those few changes would take a lot of effort.

Something really needs to be done about lag, especially when it seems to be one-sided. Had several situations where my squad was lagging all over the map uncontrolled and getting slaughtered by opponents who aren’t experiencing it. Or if we’re lucky, we can at least control where we go, but no damage is done to enemies, while they just happily shred us to bits.

This is a good game, dont get me wrong. I just wish there was more to do, and easier to level up, getting 30 xps for every dinosaur you dont use and 130 xps for the ones you do is a very slow way to level up.

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