DOFUS Pogo – Get ready to be bombarded by hordes of monsters

[Game] DOFUS Pogo

DOFUS Pogo    In DOFUS Pogo, your reflexes and speed will be put to the test!

Get ready to be bombarded by hordes of monsters, ready to do whatever it takes to get the Ebony Dofus back. Survive for as long as you can and try to improve your score with each game!

DOFUS Pogo is an action arcade game inspired by the universe of the DOFUS film. Play DOFUS Pogo to discover this entertaining, fantastic and funny world for yourself.

DOFUS Pogo is the free arcade game that combines the universe of the DOFUS film and the adventure game in the palm of your hand!


Become an expert at tossing the cute but tough Tofus, and destroy enemies who have a variety of weapons and protections

Face typical monsters from the DOFUS universe in three different levels.

Use combo attacks to get more points and climb the world rankings

Unleash the power of the Ebony Dofus and eliminate all your enemies

Unlock surprise rewards as you go

Discover the plot of the film in images as you go move through the levels

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DOFUS Pogo user reviews :

It’s pretty good but level boss are kind of unfair

I love this game. I don’t know why it has just 100k+ downloads

I give it one star Because its hard to control and i cannot kill the enemies so that why im giving it 0 stars this game is the worst

Really fun and hard at the same time

this game is offline /online

This game is just amazing.who has watched wakfu

Nice endless game but what is the use of collecting coins when you cannot use them in the game. The game is amazing with outstanding music and amazing graphics. The way we can create the reflective angle from the walls is really good but I have one issue what’s the use of collecting so many coins when there is no store in the game, this may be the reason of unpopularity of this game because at one point you will be bored from this game, please add something to make the user stick with the game.

Crazy fun, most definitely my favorite toilet time game EVER!! Can’t wait for the new movie, WAKFU Universe is still top notch to me :D

Found it very hard to play this game on android because of lagging while my phone can handles Asphalt8 smoothly…hope you fix it soon mates. This game is really dope.

I love this game and wanna give it 5 stars but it gets really frustrating sometimes when you need to ricochet three guys from the top but it’s too crowded and you can’t shoot past them.

My First game i goto each day (love it). I dont see the point of the coins for cards though its not like the cards give extra powers or unlock new modes ……… do they?

The game is great but destroys my battery. Also, it would be cool if you could unlock little hats for the Tofus.

The game is too hard, it expects you to beat wave 7 like its so easy…

Ok, can I say something? WAKFU IS DA BEST! I watched S1 and S2 on Netflix! Go check it out for yourself!

love the game, hard at times and frustrating but great, just need a reason for the $$

Is a very good game but I have a problem with a reward great fortune, can you fix this bug?

I love wakfu can you do a game where it shows you all seasons and when the next episodes/seasons are coming out. You can also tells you what language you are

Love it, fun game and we’ll optimized!

I am crazy about this game. Unfortunately, it is monoton game

This is a great time sink in which you defend the Ebony Dofus egg from cute enemies from the Ankama Krosmos with a troop of angry Tofus. Check out the mmo if you’re into them.

What is the use of the coins?! Please make an update to give the future of buying things with coins! Like skins for the yellow guys!

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