Draw Climber – Funniest race you ever played

[Game] Draw Climber

Draw Climber  Funniest race you ever played!

Draw your legs to win the race!

Any drawing will make you run!

When you are stuck you can draw another shape to pass!

Draw Climber user reviews :

This is a really fun game! But there are so much adds like so much, It also kinda helps with your drawing a little bit! Trust me this is a fun game but it is not funner than Among us- So if you did not you should get this game or Among, You can get both of them as well!

Brian I like this game because you can run super fast and if you do a big line you will get super duper fast I love this game I get this a five stars because it’s so cool you can draw and you can beat with your friendsif you beat their friends they’ll be your friends and if you beat them a lot you get a a costume

I loved it for a day. Enough I bought the ad free. Then it began to dawn on me… i am NOT racing real ppl. They, no matter how tangled and behind, always “warp” to right behind you. Plus you cannot set your name or flag but they all have one? These are bots. The speed boost you buy, the vehicle you use, all irrelevant. They are designed so if you run halfway good to make it look like you always barely win. Waste of time and so disappointed, this could have been epic.

I bit boring don’t play the game much at all can you add 3 player I would like that and I would give 5 stars add it for me it will be the best ever if you add that to the game and I love the game the way it is but that would be very cool 3 or more players I would love it if you add it to the game

Easy af. Boring. You’re never playing against real people (should be obvious due to time slowing when you draw, but not when the other person draws) Make a long backwards L and you’ll win every time.

Enjoyed it for some times, but realized I’m not playing with real people. Always kind of force you to win; which makes it more boring.

It’s a decent game, though I’ve found most of the races can be won by drawing the same thing with hardly a need to change it up. my real gripe is the ads. the races last maybe 15 seconds and then you get a “choice” whether to watch an ad to increase your coin count. Great! Only, you have to watch an ad even if you say no. The only difference is the ad MIGHT be skippable after the first 5-10 seconds. On average you’re going to be spending more time watching ads than playing the game.

I love the game, however there are a lot of ads. They usually aren’t long, but are annoying.

I love how there’s certain strategies to win like a dagger strategy or kind of a sword and I love how sometimes I win and sometimes I lose that’s why I rated a five-star game.

This is really easy and I love it so much but to much ads but it is a very good game

I like the cool animations of the characters walking. But I can win every single level with a diagonal line, maybe with the occasional change up mid level. Also, the “matchmaking” is clearly fake, with just a cpu as the enemy. You can tell from the shapes it draws. Also, a ridiculous amount of ads, and the ads are long too. Cant use the coins for anything interesting except new skins for the main character. Only reason the game gets more than 1 star is because the design of things is pretty cool

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the better games from VooDoo.The controls for drawing are smooth, the gameplay is simple, yet satisfying, and the graphics, while still not the best, are still good in their own right. The only problem I have that keeps my rating below a five are the ads, but even then, I don’t find them a pain. So yeah, aside from the ads, this is a game that I recommend to people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

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