Endless Blade – Become your dream’s hero

[Game] Endless Blade

Endless Blade  Features:

Awesome one-handed game
Turn on the phone and click to attack! Enjoy the thrill of fighting at a fast pace! Defeat goblins, skeletons, demons and all kinds of monsters.

Create your own hero
Become your dream’s hero! Open character creation allows you to create your own unique character and gameplay. Combine different weapons and it’ s time to show your power!

Gear up, never give up
Get tons of epic weapons, armor and artefacts to enhance your hero. upgrade your weapon, enchant and strengthen equipment to kill the monsters.

Advance bravely
Learn three types of talents, unlock powerful skills, and release destructive abilities!

Become the savior of the world
Give your hero the best equipment such as swords, helmets, breastplates. In this epic battle adventure, raid castles, sweep dungeons, kill bosses, and search for treasure.

No time to waste! Take your sword, smash the demons, knock down the boss, and gain glory!

Endless Blade user reviews :

This is a “at your own pace” rpg, simple so far can’t wait to see how this progresses. If your like me you can’t dedicate hours of time but like a little clicky game. This may be for you. Will review several more times.

Very good game, graphics, events, and plenty things to do to keep you busy. Love the competitiveness and the respect from others players.

I played it, until I decided not to stand it anymore, which was in the level 40 range. I could of pushed beyond, but lost my will to want to. Their are general things that don’t work for me with this game, however I wasn’t paid or asked to list them. So, I choose not to. Good luck and hope you find more satisfaction with this game than I did.

It’s a nice game just needs lots of patience and reflex at higher lvl it’ll become slower and harder due to finding the right stat on higher lvl gear once you got that you are in bug above all else the gameply is really cool

Really good game, dungeon crawl that was a pretty good system when you get used to it.

Good game and good lobby and graphics, but the game is so hard to play! I mean it’s not like other RPG games!

It was fun. Almost too much, then of course things go missing. WTH happened to the auto-play button? Bothered me too much. Uninstalled.

Wonderful game. Controls aren’t really smooth and poor connection can teleport you back to where you started.

The game is completely broken lol. Chat feature doesn’t work, purchases don’t work and glitched tabs. Also a bit sketchy how there’s no Facebook or social media page for the game at all

Love the game and design. Only issue I’m having is I’m trying to buy the Demon Sword first pack for. 99 and it keeps saying transaction declined. Not able to buy anything

Concept is fine as well as the game play so far bit my only issue is the dated graphics and lack of character creation options.

It’s very good but the music doesn’t work right it just make an anoying sound instead so I turned it off in the setting and just play with the game sounds

This game is awsome my nenw favoirt ha ds down a must try idle and also non idle battle…nd battles or alsome only thing that can use inporvement is setting low grap r mid r high so gameplay will b more smoov game still run smoov whitout it….all in all love this game i allredy spent money on it aswell

Old school graphics, but good play and lots of fun! I really enjoy the fun in the game.

Game looks nice, but the problem is after i hit 1-15 block skill not working anymore reinstalled and after i gpt to 1-15 again same problem i havve to delete GG!

Big Diablo fan. Game play very familiar. Graphics excellent. Diversity of character style and build is brilliant.

Was fun but the scaling is too ridicilous.. Gonna try a couple more time until I decide if this game worth to keep playing or not

I’m glad this game exists it hashumor strategies and is relaxed to me its good for having something quick to manage for fun and advance.

Amazing, good game play and amazing graphics makes it more than worth a try !

This game is amazing, and it’s full of action. You get to manage a warrior and his form while proceeding through a rich world. It’s great . You should try it.

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