Evo Pop – Dominate the area by either eating all rivals

[Game] Evo Pop

Evo Pop  Take control of Evos — colorful creatures that live in a colony and are able to grow and multiply extremely fast.

Big Evos eat smaller Evos of another breed. Dominate the area by either eating all rivals or creating the most Evos!


Fight against MULTIPLE ENEMIES: A three-way brawl for you to come on top of!
Enjoy a FUN PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY: Control the creatures by using different spells on them.
UPGRADE & EVOLVE: Each Evo breed has unique skills, such as jumping or sliding downhill. These properties can be upgraded to make your Evos even stronger.
PLAN A STRATEGY: Evos interact with the environment and eat grass, flowers and bugs to multiply faster. Fight for strategic resources on the map to win!
Discover DOZENS OF WORLDS: Evo Pop features multiple worlds with unique design elements and physics, making the gameplay fresh every time.

Get ready to POP OFF and have FUN!

Evo Pop user reviews :

I just started playing this game and fell in love immediately! It was easy to learn and fun to play. I have a major problem though. I’m constantly spammed with pop ups for ridiculous $amounts of real money to in game items. I also can barely play the game with 5 energy max? Why limit players like this I’m never going to pay to get more. I’ll check back in a bit but this looks more like a money grab than anything. Wish the awesome game was locked behind paywalls and premium overpriced items. 1*

The game is fun but there are a few glaring problems. 1) You get extremely small amount of energy to play the game against other people & they expect you to pay to access the most basic function of the “free” app. 2) Upgrades quickly get expensive & you get very little in the amount of cash to upgrade. 3) Constantly shoves promotional items that you need to pay for. If the energy bar is removed then the game will be playable & they need to calm down about shoving paid items in the players face.

Was quite a fun game that i would spend time playing at times. One of the only mobile game I had though was worth putting some money in but the most recent update has removed my desire to ever play it. The reduction of energy from 10 to 5 minutes was a mistake. It now takes 2 or more times a day of playing the game to complete the daily quests instead of a single time. The changing of the free chest to watching a video while not giving any way to remove adds is a problem.

I seen a lot of complaints, but I feel like this is an easy and great game. I would probably say otherwise if I met any pros, but currently I am number one in the event. It feels like it needs a lot of luck, but actually no. I don’t have issues with how they handled the ads. I can play like 30 times a day so that’s okay. You can even play offline, even tho it says every minute outside match, that you should have it on. Reason not 5 star: closed ad (purchase able cube package) jumps up a lot.

Enjoyed the experience prior to the new update adding artifacts which now make the little strategy this game had into a complete crapshoot. No way to turn off this new mode either. Other things changed in the app for the worse is having to watch an ad to get the free chest and only having 5 plays instead of the former 10, forcing you to pay to keep playing even sooner. It’s your app and you are free to do whatever you like with it, but you have lost me as a player. Uninstalled.

Was a really fun game. The grind for gold is insane. You have to WATCH a ad for the “free” box. They removed your 10 down to 5 games at 15 minutes a game to recharge. Some of the cubes are really unbalance, unfairly unbalanced. Now they have added powers. Great, fun idea but poorly executed. The bamboo stalks last WAY WAY to long. The reward factor of the game has gone down hill quickly.

the app was constantly hounding me for a review so here it is: Fun game, but it’s flawed. You can only play 5 games before your energy runs out. Do you want me to play less of your game? because that’s how you get me to play less of your game. So it’s sort of fun, but they make you stop playing. This mechanic is the stupidest trend I’ve ever seen in games. It is the worst, yet every game does it. this is why mobile gaming never took off (and ads). Oh yeah the game also has a season pass and p2w.

love the game, been playing it for a few months now but the most recent update that added the “artifacts” completely ruined the game. It was already difficult enough with the Ai getting more energy points than you, now they are able to use the different abilities before you that completely handicap the player. I know, the devs wanted to add some spice to gameplay,but I feel like the AI in the later levels are too OP, maybe a little nerf wouldn’t hurt? Otherwise amazing game, highly recommend

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