Fantastic Pets – Dive into challenging merging world

[Game] Fantastic Pets – Wonder Merge Magic

Fantastic Pets  Welcome to Fantasia, the Land of Magic Merge, Wonders, and Fantastic Pets!

Fantasia used to be a flourishing world before it was poisoned by witches. You are the chosen one to heal the cursed lands and build a new Wonderland!

Dive into challenging merging world: match & merge items to heal magic islands, collect rewards, and use them to build the Fantasy Land. Merge eggs to hatch magical creatures, evolve your cute monsters to more powerful ones by matching and merging them as well. The powerful fantastic pet is, the more possibilities you have.

Main features of Fantastic Pets : Wonder Merge Magic Game  :

vast variety of fantastic objects to match and merge: eggs, plants, trees, mushrooms, homes, magical flowers, stars, treasures, etc
freedom to build and design your Fantasia City
possibility to sell magic items and buy magic eggs, dragons gems, chest, and other useful objects
amazing fantastic pets
lots and lots of challenging levels filled with wonders and magic

How to play

Drag objects around and match-3 to evolve them into more superior items
Complete levels on the magic floating island, heal them by merging 3 the Diana statues and collect rewards
Go to Fantasia Merge Magic Land, use rewards to build a new Fantasy World
Match Life Essence to heal poisoned land
Match and merge eggs
Evolve your fantastic pets by matching and merging them
Heal the cursed land

Please Pay Attention:

The cloud save function is under development and will be online shortly. Before that, please don’t delete or reinstall your Fantastic Pets : Wonder Merge Magic Game, otherwise, you will lose your game progress.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: elfmerge[at]

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Fantastic Pets user reviews :

I like the game. Its cute, but it wont let me scroll around the map at base to get to other things and its annoying! Please fix!
  • Tilting Point
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. It could be you accidentally locked the Screenlock option at the upper left corner. Please check and if it’s not the case please send our team a message at with screenshots which can show your issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience and help
Fun but pricey. Also I reached and beat the “far lands” puzzle and it won’t let me go to the next one. Please fix this and I will happily change my rating a bit. Otherwise I will uninstall at the end of the month. Satisfactory resolution could not be had as there is no way to screen shot a lack of progression. Uninstalling.
  • Tilting Point
  • Hello, Chrystal. Thank you for your feedback. Please send our team a message at elfmerge[at] with screenshots which can show your issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience and help

Love the game very cute very fun but it forgets my progress of what I’ve discovered like Im on the 5th flower level of the life orb flowers and it doesn’t register in the journal. Same with everything else not just the flowers. If that could be fixed I can bump my rating up completely. It just bothers me to have gotten the items merging them and then not have them registered

I’m am SO TICKED right now, I’m uninstall this game!! The more you play the worse the alignment gets! I don’t know what just happened but evidently I bought something. Went to move something, got the stupid animal count down on the house exited out and tried for my item again. The next thing I know I get the bling you get when you either open a chest or pop a bubble and ALL MY ARE GONE!
  • Tilting Point
  • Hello, Hallie! thank you for your feedback. This sounds like a bug, and we would like to take a closer look at it. Please send our team a message at elfmerge[at] with screenshots which can show your issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience and help
My base is gone. When I open the game, there is just no land. Open sky. Doesn’t matter if I try to zoom out or move around or anything. I’ve tried emailing the game dev and no response. I have paid MONEY for gems and stuff in this game and I am IRATE over this
  • Tilting Point
  • Hello Suzi, we’re sorry to hear you experienced issues while playing the game. Our support team has responded to your email. We will do our best to help you! We really appreciate your review!

This is a great game thus far. It’s a little laggy when I clear new pieces of land. The bg music is too soft. I have to crank up the volume just to hear it. It also has the same sound effects as Dragon Merge. The animals hardly spend any time doing anything. They spend more time sleeping than harvesting. It’s ridiculous. I’m only rating this 3 stars for now because it’s a new game and it still needs some work.

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