Fantasy Summon Defence – Summon a powerful heroes

[Game] Fantasy Summon Defence

Fantasy Summon Defence   Feature

This game is enjoy easily on stage basis :)
Summon a powerful heroes (Normal, Epic, Unique and Legend heroes)!
Summon a 40+ various heroes!
Battle with a 100+ various monsters!
Fight with a powerful boss monsters!

How to get more crystal.

When you have an enough gold, upgrade the little goblin in fairy menu!
Clear the all of hunt quest!
If you all clear the hunt quests, you will be rewarded a bonus Crystal!
You can get more gold with goblin heroes :).
If you view ad 200 times, you can use Speed 4 ,5 and repeat function!!

Single developer ROONTAMS’s first game :D
Might have some minor bugs. Thanks for bug report ;).

Bug report – roontams[at]

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Fantasy Summon Defence user reviews :

Amazing. Found it from a random reddit post a year ago when I Google’d idle defense. Ticks all the boxes. I’m very impressed. Fair system for gatcha, fair system for incremental difficulty, fair system for unlocking features through adds if you’re between pay days. It doesn’t fit the fantasy theme, but if there was a mech – like hero I think I might be in heaven. If you’re looking for a good idle game this is it for sure.

Yeah! It s okey! from the begining, but summoning legendary… really hard for me! I have 0.224 probability to summon but it takes 300,000 gem to summon 3! It s say 10 times of my current prob… if i use gems but.. i dunno.. too hard? Yeah! And i can t use the infinite sign? Is that the right word for it? I think it s for reapeting the level? Maybe! Watch ads or buy gem if I want to use it! And need 200 times! If you watch ads, 1 ads = 2 times… but when I have 150 times, i can t watch ads, it always say “you dont have ads to watch”… but of course id enjoy, but a little disappoint too…
  • Roontams
  • Thanks for playing :D and sorry for late response. Oh.. Actually, when first launched, only have until Devil-god. but some users wanna more play. so I add dungeon contents. so it is hard than normal stages. but I think it makes more to play. I posted some tips on facebook page. You can visit via facebook button on option :) please check it
Amazing game, even managed to push Swarm Sim to the back of my mind. There are some bugs, and the English isn’t great, but the gameplay, very generous premium currency drops, and entirely reasonable IAPs more than make up for it. Very impressive for a first game, looking forward to updates and more of your games!
  • Roontams
  • Thank you so much for complement and write a detail review :D Yes, it is my first game ;) I wanna create more good games better than this! But this game is not make it all and still have some bugs..I have to more develop. but for some reason, I focus on another platform. I’ll do my best! after I’ll update asap
Over all a good idle game, completely idle up until dungeons started spawning bomb units that deal a ton of damage. The only thing that irritated me at all with the game was legendary spawn rate. I dropped the 300k gems and got 0 to summon for me. Thanks for the response, it’s never to late. Good luck on the new platform!
  • Roontams
  • Thank you! and I’m so sorry for late reply. I’m still develop another platform version. it is to late… because I have to study about this.. Anyway, I’ll adjust balance of legend. Have a good day!
Thanks for replying and hope you guys add another map, character which have party bonus on unique and legend tier like dra, tess and jules since they are vampire or new characters. Think i got a bug, when dra’s bloodhole skill runs out, the creeps that got suck, travel through diagonally back to their last position instead of square. Anyway, thanks for the game
  • Roontams
  • Thanks for playing and write a review :D Key point is HP damage skill. I recommend going to with Squid. It’s special skill is good at dungeon :) also I posted some tips on facebook page.
I absolutely love the game! Awesome job on keeping the free game actually free that is something you dont see much can get difficult when you get to dungeon level 25 but if you farm level 11 you will get the legendary heroes and i used all 3 of them and squid and put them all on the top middle and cleared it. Im looking forward to seeing what new updates will bring. Awesome job!
  • Roontams
  • Thanks for playing and write a detail review :D OMG you wrote a tips for 25F that will be helpful for users who hard to pass 25F. really thank you ! and sorry for late update. I have to develop another platform version because my situation is so bad hehehe.. thank you!

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