Final Chronicle – Enjoy an epic story told in 6 chapters

[Game] Final Chronicle

Final ChronicleFinal Chronicle : BEST TURN-BASED RPG & JRPG made for mobile devices!

Simple and excitingly addictive turn-based combat system – tap skills for your heroes to kick evil butts old school style!

Create a formidable party with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines! – The lost prince, the beautiful seer, the agile ninja, the loyal knight, the amiable princess, the master ranger, the cute beast master, and the powerful warlock!

Collect treasures, solve puzzles, avoid various traps, and fight invincible super bosses! – Medusa, Hellhound, Tomb Guardian, Grand Airship, Witch King, Alpha Dragon and more!

Average 4.5 / 5.0 Rating with thousands of 5 STAR real user reviews!
Apps and Applications Review: 9/10
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Enjoy an epic story told in 6 chapters!
Customize your party from 8 unique heroes each with 2 skill sets!
Enjoy addictive gameplay and great graphics!
Hundreds of items, skills, talents, enemies, quests!
Save Fairy Pets from Raid Bosses!
Fight Guild Dungeons and Guild Wars with your friends!
Send your heroes and followers on Bounty Quests!
Battle other players for supremacy in the Arena!
Explore differing game play modes and collect awesome prizes!
Enjoy FREE gifts, treasures and login prizes every day!

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Final Chronicle user reviews :

Not bad, very long tutorial. Overall decent game.

There any fast lvl up in this game because i only get 49 exp and there a 10% bonus exp for this game was so poor at exp and easy to get some gold just only a gold suck

Great game, very excited. But the game storyline not completely.

Great game and good graphic and storyline bosses are good for game also

Awesome game easy to play and easy to level up

After updating the game I CAN’T pass title screen, Always crash… It’s a bad choice to update it…. Please help T_T

Gold are always required. P2W ….so I gives 4 stars but One of the best RPG.

this game is p2w. that’s why i m giving 4 star. otherwise it is a nice rpg.

The game is very good I think I have been looking for tank you very much ok.

Game is fun to play could use with more gold options thow

It’s been awhile since I found a mobile game I enjoyed playing, glad I gave this one a try.

Nice game..very joyfull and have a lot of fun

After recent update, game works fine now.
  • Playmage
  • Hello. Thanks for your feedback. We have released a new version that fixes the potential issue with Android 11 devices. Please download the latest version and give it another try.

It started out good but u quickly realise this game isn’t free because you’ve got to spend money on stamina & gems just to play the game & build up your heroes. Its a nice group of online players but that’s not a credit to the game, that’s a credit to the players. If u want to save money avoid this game.

It’s a pretty fun turn based rpg with nice graphics. Similar to most of the other games of its genre. The only problem I’m finding is you run out of stamina too quickly and it takes way too long to regenerate .. so sometimes I can’t play even when I want to. Another downfall is the arena.. you literally just stand there and watch your players fight in auto mode.. it’s awful. I want to control my players.. Update: I liked this game enough to buy some gems. mainly because I wanted to become VIP to get some perks.Theres an event going on that states “BUY ANY GEMS” and become VIP in bold bright caps lock. So I bough the month card which is double the price of the 300 gems.. guess what? Support said month card gems doesnt qualify towards VIP… then why does the event say “BUY ANY GEMS”? Super upset and dropped to 2 stars

I love this game it’s very fun to play I would recommend

This game is like ordering a steak dinner. It looks great on the menu. so you order it. when you receive it, you get awesome salad,tasty potatoes… but the meat is raw. Great concept, but I am not looking for a puzzle game, and one where the heart of the game is created by a 5 year old. Fix the adventure part of the game and remove the puzzles, and I will get all my friends to download and play. till then, it’s not for me.

So far so good. The cutscenes need work (translation?) but overall the comments are enjoyable. Graphics are very smooth, and the whole game is not saturated with serious tones.

A little more than your average mobile RPG. They have team attacks which are pretty nice. The graphics are good and it’s entertaining.

This game is awesome! Even though it isn’t the best, I wish I could give a 4.5 rating

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