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[App] Flexible Journal – Prompts, Health Log, Gratitude

Flexible Journal  Flexible Journal is a customizable journal that lets you easily write entries using prompts.

You can make prompts for tracking your life, health, books, and more all in one multipurpose journal. Prompts help you focus and track exactly what you want. Just choose what questions you want to be asked, and then answer them to write an entry in just a minute

Write easily using customizable prompts
Prompts are custom templates made up of questions that help guide your writing. For example, you can create a template to correlate health with nutrition. Just make a template with questions like ‘What symptoms am I having today’ and ‘What did I eat today’, you can even add checkboxes like ‘Did I take my medicine today’. Then you can write daily entries easily by just answering these 3 questions. What’s unique about Flexible Journal is that it lets you choose the structure of your templates, this lets you create a custom journal that’s unique to you

Five Minute Journal
Flexible Journal makes a great five minute journal. Its custom prompts make it so you can quickly write about your gratitude, mindfulness, and daily chores with ease. Custom questions make it easy to focus on exactly what you want. For example, write about gratitude by just answering a few gratitude prompt questions like ‘What am I grateful for today’ and ‘What am I excited for this week’ or ‘Three good things’. You can easily customize your diary prompt questions to whatever you want. Track your daily progress, and mood quicker than ever

Customizable health log
Easily track and correlate your everyday health data however you want with your own custom health templates. Track symptoms, health, diet, mood. You can create health templates to track your unique needs and symptoms. You can also log your medications and correlations such as correlating diet with symptoms, mood, and more. Instead of using a health diary that is static and only tracks certain health conditions, with this diary, you can track your own health problems exactly as you need. You can also use it to record medical history and data as a lifetime health tracker

Mood Tracker
In addition to being an everyday health tracker, Flexible Journal can also be used to track your emotional and mental health and can even be used as a therapy log. Track your happiness and sadness using the mood field in your prompts. Make templates with questions like ‘How am feeling today’ and follow-up questions like ‘Why am I feeling this way’ to try and find correlations between the two. Add in other factors like diet and sleep to see what might be affecting your mood. Journal your depression and progress with recovery and much more along with your daily doings and habits

Custom Habit Tracker
Track any habit using your own templates. Just make a daily habit template with questions like ‘Did I improve my habit today’ and ‘What could I do better tomorrow’ to both create habits and break bad habits. Make multiple templates for each unique habit you have

Private Diary
Use the app as both a custom diary and a private diary. Flexible Journal stores all your data offline in its own database so all your data is private unless shared. It’s also a journal with lock so you can pin-lock your data if you’re a pro subscriber

Questions Diary
Journal your life by answering questions. Custom questions make it easier to stay focused and write in your journal daily instead of getting distracted

Notes and Tasks
Make To-do tasks and chore templates to make chores and work easier to fill out. Make a custom journal template for your own unique workflow with checkboxes you can check on task completion. Use it to take notes too

Collectibles Database
Log your collectibles. The app also works as a collectibles database to log and record all your personal stuff

Excellent for growth
Daily gratitude
Mood tracker
Daily therapy log
Habit tracker templates
Correlate health diary
Depression journal
Diet tracker diary

Flexible Journal user reviews :

Love this app. I was struggling to stay consistent with gratitude, pain and mood tracking. This makes it so easy with ready-made templates plus the option to create your own. I love that it will graph my responses so I can look for patterns, or export to CSV file for further manipulation. Developers also respond quickly to suggestions or questions. Perfect balance of simplicity and added features.
  • Tech Product Strategy, LLC
  • Thanks, appreciate the review
This is a great journaling app where I can create custom forms to fill up everyday before bed to reflect on my day. It reduced my time consumption of writing a journal with pen and paper. I loved it! Great work!
  • Tech Product Strategy, LLC
  • Thanks, glad it helps
Fantastic idea. The dev team/person really needs to add seemlessness/synchronization between devices, IMHO. It’s a greater restriction than one thinks. Regardless of that semi-major issue for me, it’s an awesome tool & very flexible if you find tracking self-improvements, habits, gratitude, deficiencies, etc…. which is proven to increase likeliness of success.
  • Tech Product Strategy, LLC
  • Thank you, appreciate the review and feedback

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