Flick Kick Football Legends – Break records in the Infinity Cup

[Game] Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends  Kick it old school with the latest game in the Flick Kick series; Tackle, Pass, Shoot and More! Defeat Rivals! Win the League! Become a Legend!

Flick Kick Football Legends brings Flick Kick to all new heights with more diverse onfield gameplay, team building and management, and a multi-level league structure. Packaged in a vibrant comic inspired style filled with lively characters, quirky scenarios and rich animation, you will guide your team towards a highly sought after championship win to achieve legendary status.

All new game-changing features mean more content, more competition, and more flick-kicking action! Take on the world in the International Cup, break records in the Infinity Cup, hone your skills in Practice Mode, train your players and compete with your friends. Be a champion, become a legend.

The game features:

Stunning comic inspired presentation
Pass, tackle, intercept, save, shoot to score, penalties, sudden death and much more
Discover and collect new international players to build a championship team
Level up your players to unlock crazy new skills, and link skills for extra boosts
Use your Captain to guide your team through thick and thin to the glory years
Invite your friends to compete on the leaderboards
Refined drag and drop interface to help you manage your team
Train your players to increase their XP

Contains in app purchases and advertising



Website www.flickkickfootball.com
Facebook facebook.com/FKFootball
Twitter twitter.com/pikpokgames
Youtube youtube.com/pikpokgames
Store store.pikpok.com
Music pikpok.bandcamp.com

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Flick Kick Football Legends user reviews :

Love the retro look and the campy graphics. It does feel like I’m leading a ragtag band of 9-to-5ers who play footie after work. But the fun stops after the first few games, when the controls simply become unusable. The super short tutorial and the practice function don’t help: no explanations as to how to achieve anything that isn’t a straight pass or shot; nothing.

It’s a fun football game. Wish there was a way to bypass th ads. Most games have a pay option to bypass most ads. This game lacks that. If this game had that option and a few other thing to make the game a little better it’ll be an awesome

I will say this is nice game but the more you play more level . The higher level are very hard to tackle the ball . It is easy or ………. i am bad at this game

Well it’s pretty fun to play and the mechanics are enjoyable so I suggest for everyone that love football games

By some how my game got uninstall and I am not able to restore my all achievements and when I installed the game again it is asking me start from beginning which is so annoying. If you can restore my game I will continue playing.

The game was good for a while but gets so unnecessarily hard. Your meant to get better as the game gets harder but its all too difficult

I remember being addicted to this game at that moment my brother installed so many soccer games, Now it’s just a abandoned gem in underground.

Nice game, repetative though. I believe its already abandoned by gms as well. Could be better with events etc

It’s an awesome game and even though the game is not much realistic and high graphical, it is worth playing

Great game, fun and easy to play. Gets more challenging as you progress

Pretty simple flick game though the control isn’t smooth at times. Graphics are cool and that’s the reason I’ve downloaded this game. The gameplay is fun and it’s a good time killer. Will change to five stars if : 1. I don’t mind to pay to remove ads. Watching ads for game money is fine since you can choose to watch or not. But almost after finish every game there’s an ad is simply irritating. 2. Balance the game a bit, the opposition goalkeeper is madness. 3. Login bonus would be a nice idea.

Repetative but fun. The same oppertunities keep arising like a formulated algorithm instead of natural, infinite positions as the real-life game throws up! Up the DESTROYERS!!!

Very fun and enjoyable game, they do push microtransactions a little but you can easily play the game and well without spending a penny. Great concept of packing players, collecting them in your club and leveling up their traits as you play through the divisions. As far as football games go on phones and tablets this is right up there with the best!

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