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Fluent Forever  Never before have I seen a method that syncs up so perfectly with our current scientific understanding of how memory works. – Scientific American Mind

Spanish (Latin American & Castilian), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, & Dutch.

A revolutionary language learning method developed by Gabriel Wyner, an opera singer who needed to learn multiple languages quickly and retain them forever. Fluent Forever’s products have evolved from pronunciation trainers into a bestselling book and now into the most crowdfunded app in history. Discover the immersive mobile experience designed to rewire your brain into fluently speaking any new language and hack your memory to remembering it forever.

Rather than distract or briefly entertaining you like other “gamified” language apps out there, Fluent Forever doesn’t waste your time with inefficient “bite size” lessons – instead, it immediately gets you correctly pronouncing and hearing the sounds of your target language, then efficiently has you learn the most frequently used words and push them into your longterm memory, and finally has you naturally build sentences using words you know and practice your speech to fluency. In short, if you’re serious about speaking a new language, Fluent Forever will get you there faster.

The foundation of our proven method, as detailed in Gabe’s bestselling book, is based on the principles of personalized flashcard creation and spaced repetition, extremely powerful learning tools that optimize your brain’s memory abilities. So not only will you learn a language quickly, you’ll never forget it.

1. Train Your Ears With Pronunciation Lessons

You need to learn what a language sounds like before you can learn how to speak it. Our powerful tools like detailed instructional videos, mnemonic imagery and minimal pair tests will train your ears in the sound system of your new language.

2. Learn Vocabulary Through Images Instead of Translations

Within weeks you will understand the sounds of your new language, and you can begin learning words. By creating personalized flashcards using our memorable word association system, you will rapidly learn the most used words in your new language. You will then push these new words into your long term memory by reviewing your flashcards using our automated spaced repetition system.

3. Learn Grammar Naturally Through Stories Relevant To You

Once you learn the most used words in your language you can begin learning sentences. By visualizing how your new words fit into sentences about topics you’re interested in, you will naturally learn grammar through immersive stories, as opposed to boring lessons or complex conjugation tables. You will never be forced to learn words or grammar you don’t need or want to learn.

4. Practice Your Speech to Fluency with Native Tutors

Fluency in speech is not the ability to know every word and grammatical formation in a language; it’s the ability to use whatever words and grammar you know to say whatever’s on your mind. Our method structures tutoring sessions efficiently using information you’ve learned, so that you don’t waste an extra minute re-hashing something that you already discussed in a previous session.

Hundreds of thousands of happy customers worldwide have learned the language of their dreams with the bestselling Fluent Forever book. Want to be truly bilingual? Aspire to be a conversational polyglot?

Try our revolutionary new app now to start your journey to real fluency.

Fluent Forever user reviews :

My experience with this has been very disappointing at the technical, app logistics level. I’ve had multiple subscriptions over time and the app and the marketing department seem to confuse these… right now the app won’t let me login because my subscription is expired… but that’s not right… The reason I want to login is to cancel a subscription that will auto-renew in 4 days. The ideas Maui be good, but this is not the first frustrating time trying to get this to work.
  • Fluent Forever
  • Hi David, Thank you for rating the app. This usually happens when users log in with the incorrect account or log-in method. If you contact us at help@fluent-forever.com we will be able to help you out with the correct login information so that you will be able to cancel the subscription.
I’m so impressed by this app, I’m halfway through the free trial and have already noticed my pronunciation improve. The flashcards are excellent, and the methodology is solid. The pronunciation lessons are amazing, and having all the language tools in the same place makes the learning process much less frustrating.
  • Fluent Forever
  • Hi Hannah, thank you for a wonderful rating. We are so happy to hear that the app is working well for you and that you are improving so much! We will keep working on making the app better with more amazing features. Hopefully, you will continue enjoying it more and more!

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