Food Gang – Fight against random opponents in arenas

[Game] Food Gang

Food Gang  Food Gang is a fast and fun brawl game.

Game Features:

Choose from 14 unique and crazy characters
Unlock more than 50 amazing skills
Collect stars to claim incredible rewards
Fight against random opponents in 3 unique arenas
Enjoy fast action gameplay
Climb the trophy road and complete weekly challenges to unlock more powers!

Food Gang is a free to play online game, internet connection is required.

Food Gang user reviews :

This game requires internet connection to “play online,” yet when you observe the players every round, they behave exactly like bots and are always, ALWAYS predictable. The “playars” behave the same way every matchup. When I choose the ninja character and go invisible right in front of their eyes whilst fighting them, they behave as if I became non-existent and never try to shoot randomly. They just automatically target my far-away teammate. Very misleading game and a disgusting sales trick.

The game is great and all, but there’s a small problem. Sometimes when I open the app, one of the characters that I have recently leveled up will immediately go back to their previous level, so then I have to go through the trouble of leveling them back again! Can you please fix this issue?

This is over all a great game and has a lot of fun aspects but the is a problem I would really love if there was a friending system so I could play with my brother if you could add that it would be great and would get a 5 star reveiw

The game its just awsome! Well the maps are a bit to small but thats ok,in my opinion we need more fighters and game mods oh also i really need to play this game with my friends but i cant see the posibility to add them

Adds are too much,Like seriously every ads after a battle its really annoying.The game is fun but the ads is the fun killer.And its a freaking online Game!! need internet to battle stop forcing us to watch ads

I liked the game but I think all the players are bots because every time it’s the dinner table map all they players can’t go up the plates they keep running and not go up the plates

Don’t download this game please there is so many ads it is so rare to get a new character and the weekly mission is so hard and you have to watch a ad to get a fridge please remove the ads please and increase the chance of getting a new character.

Add more maps heros and prizes ! Overall great game not alot of ads like othwr game

This game is excellent. 5 stars, no mistake. I really recommend this game

Great game but can get a bit repetitive. Needs more maps since there are only three. There should also be more modes like control point capturing, 5v5, free for all, a sport tournament with sports like football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, basket ball, and also boss mode where you fight a giant player. Also new characters and skins for the preexisting characters to add with the charm. While some of this is faithful wishing more maps should be added so the game isn’t as repetitive and more fun.

Its a great game!!Can you just make characters be bought with coins in the game??Can all the characters be 100 coins so you can buy them?Anyways its the best game ever!!!!One thing thats wrong:the graphics are sometimes not good for me.Can you fix that please.Thank you.

Its a good game I would rate 5 stars but im rating it 4 because the developer is not updating the game . I hope you guys will update it soon and please add more characters like an apple whose name would be Abby or a cookie whose name would be steve and a white or green pumpkin and a sandwich and please try to add a new battle arena . Looking forward for your Reply.

Great game! However, there are some suggestions and improvements. First of all, add acounts, friend list, block list, chat ability, gangs (clans), discord server (for suggestions, feedback, or chat), etc… Also, add more gamodes such as, offline mode, online mode, (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) modes, free for all, etc… Make levels too.

This is a very good game. My favourite character is Tony and Jack .Your shopping things are very cheap unlike other games. Tony has always helped me in scoring points from the first second in the battles .My GameName is ” M’fezi ” .I have unlocked Bro , Tom , Horn and Tony . All of them are just amazing. They leave me gaping at them .I love this game . However could please give a leave button in the searching opponents tab

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