Fortress TD2 – In a zombie world

[Game] Fortress TD2

Fortress TD2  Tactical defense and survival in a zombie world.

The follow-up story where you decide how the tale of special ops ends.
The new dialog system lets you interact with characters.
You’ll be able to learn the truth about the virus’s origin.

The game world has become several times larger.
Now you have five battle groups rather than one, each with a unique set of soldiers.

No templates, the combat system has been fully redesigned:

The universal weapon upgrade system will help you dominate the battlefield
Each soldier has three types of weapons now: long range, medium range, and man to man
All-new battle controls: extra ammo, exploding cartridges, and hand grenades
If there are too many monsters, use the special attack for mass extermination
Choose yourself the weapon to mount on your vehicle

The new game balance system

12 building types with different functions
5 lines of research
Take care of supplies and medicines as you are in for a new height of survival: starvation, thirst, diseases, radiation, and bleeding
It’s up to you what you need first: first aid kits, clean water, or battle droids…

Don’t forget to send scouts to search for supplies.

Fortress TD2 user reviews :

Love the game, it would be cool if there were missions were you breach rooms, corridors, etc and get to an objective. It would also be cool if you could find modifications for your soldier’s weapons like sights, grips, stocks, etc. And if you could get modifications for your soldier’s like NVGs, helmet lights, camo, etc. Cosmetics for you’re troops weapons and armor is also what I’m hinting at. It would also be neet if their was a monster encyclopedia or something.

A surprisingly deep and original strategy game. Some of the game mechanics are undocumented and the translation is a bit ropey but it’s a good game with no microtransactions and fairly rare ads. You control a team of soldiers and defend bases against waves of monsters, you choose when to move on and can use your guys to build things and generate resources. interestingly the enemies are just a hazard, you don’t get stuff for killing them so you need to move when the danger gets too high

Really good sequel to one of the best TD games on play store. Fortress TD2 builds on the first game by adding squads,upgrade trees and the need for more strategy. Downside is the translation is a little bit rough around the edges. Wish the developer would bring the Fortress TD series to steam for PC owners. OTGS17 is one of those rare developers that definitely should be supported.

The game needs some quality if life with what little guidance they give you in the first mission and tips only being the bare bones basics and basic features like settings menu access and restart options are only accessible at certain arbitrary points in the game. Locations generate heat the more you visit them, however there is only one path out of your base so it’s impossible to let it cool off. Home base UI and lack of restoration/resource refinement I don’t know if features miss/unlockable.

I like the gameplay updates, but the one change I would ask for, when upgrading a soldier, let me see the new gun stats before spending my resources to purchase it. I get 3 options but it doesn’t tell me how each gun is different

It definitely better then the last game with all the new features and reworked systems but the tutorial is still broken ish and kinda hard to understand but overall a amazing game. keep making these amazing games otgs17.

The first game was pretty cool really really cool but now it crashes it doesn’t have graphic settings it crash every single when i played it for 1 minute all the developers doesn’t even fix people problems if the game is dying developers have to fix people problems and it’s pretty darn stupid

I like the game, seems different, I should have paid attention to the tutorial part just for navigation though because I got stuck in the home camp unable to exit

Good time killer it’s hard but not that frustratingly hard it’s just finding stuffs is a struggle but it suits the game well

A very good game but crash if you don’t have network or WiFi but is a good game

This is good but the previous game had better animations but still 5 stars

This game is the sequel installment from previous Fortress TD2 it added new mechanics and a lot of “Grindy” feature into this game, progressing in this game can be very very chore when you unlock more characters which is definitely the worst idea, it’s cool that they have their own respective soldiers, but the state for the game itself is just extremely grindy and can be very tedious. Also the english localization is the worst, I feel like you guys could hire translator QA.

An excellent game to play when you have free time. Though the tutorial leave out some stuff, but you’ll eventually get used to the controls and mechanics as you go on. Though there are some bugs when creating materials like details the timer gets stuck at 0:01 which breaks the game. But to avoid that just leave the area and move to a new one. Other than that bug, it’s a great game for killing time.

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