Game of Lords – The Valley of the North is waiting for its hero

Game of Lords – Middle Ages and Dragons

Game of Lords  The “Game of Lords real-time strategy game is now available on Google Play! The Valley of the North is waiting for its hero, Lords are in a hurry to seize power, the battle of dragons has begun! Be the first!

You will be immersed in an exciting story about the beginning of a brutal feud in the Northern Valley.

The peaceful life of the Lords is a thing of the past after the vile attack of the tyrant Vargo, possessed by lust for power, and now only the outcome of the war will determine who gets the throne.

My Lord, you have to save the lands of the Kingdom by leading the liberation army together with General Gilbert. Overthrow the traitors and find new allies among the Lords of the Valley.
Are you ready to lose everything to begin the difficult path to justice?
The siege of our lands does not stop, the defense towers and the castle are destroyed. Save the Kingdom from capture by preventing the death of the Valley of the North!

Time to strike back and win the royal battle for the throne!
Exciting battles of the Lords, with tactics and real time conquest;
Territory conquest, a variety of buildings and structures: castles, defense towers, barracks, mills, catapults and others. If the Kingdom is starving, more mills should help. If a siege of the castle is required – a catapult will surely come in handy;
Numerous combat options: use a shield and a sword in your battle for the throne, throwing archers and swordsmen alike into a fight, or resort to more magical means: dragons and wizards! Use landscape features in battle: cunning tactics will decide the outcome of the fight!
Various missions: a night siege, a dungeon, an encounter between dragons and humans, battles in the midst of winter, and a dangerous venture to the Wall, the “Conquest”” mode, feudal struggles for the crown, the war in the Wasteland. Enemy Lords have united to attack, use tactics and better strategy to battle against numerical superiority of the enemy. Choose appropriate battle tactics for each landscape: hide behind rocks, consider somehow using forests and rivers: turn an obstacle into an advantage!
Several story campaigns: go all the way and become the Lord, having won the bloody game of thrones, open all the secrets of the Kingdom. Who will get the throne?

Defeat powerful Lords in battles for the throne and face the Bosses: Giant, Titan, wizards and others;
Unique abilities: hire mercenaries to aid your fight for the throne, use royal shelling or … summon a Dragon!
Improve the defense towers, the castle and other buildings, do not let other lords seize the throne;
The royal battle has begun! Get crowns from the battles to become the best Lord in the Valley of the North, accumulate resources to improve your army and castle!

Find Easter eggs from the famous series and movies about the Middle Ages in the Game of Lords;

In Game of Lords, Lords from all around the world are already participating in fierce battles! Hurry up to be the first in the ranking by collecting the best army! Who is the best strategist? The battle will show.
You will find the unique hand-made graphics, winter and summer period landscapes, everlasting sieges, the Lords ready to attack at any time, bloody battles for the throne, dragons, defense and defense towers, catapults, heroes and titans, cunning lords, and fascinating storyline with various secrets and riddles.

An offline tactical strategy about Middle Ages “Game of Lords” is now available even without access to the Internet.

You can download and play Game of Lords for free, however, the game contains advertisement materials and different notifications can be sent to the player. Also, in accordance with the privacy policy, you must be at least 12 years old to install the application.”

Game of Lords user reviews :

The game is very cool, but i honestly have no clue what to do in it or how to level up. It gave me a bunch of quests, but i do not know what to do. I cant comunicate with other players so i thought this was offline. Please, if you could add better tutorial, that would be great. I really really love the graphics and gameplay, only thing i find confusing is… Everything lol. If tutorial explained everything better, this game could be a new super mobile game! Gotta say again graphics are gorgeous!

So far I’m having fun. But there are some things that could improve. A battle speed changer cuz tbh the AI can attack you from 5 buildings at the same time while you have that energy meter. Battles often goes so fast that you lose 2 building without even noticing it. It would be nice if we can slow down the battles a little bit. Online I cant find any guides to follow. Some kinda guidelines would be nice, a little story quest so you can improve. Now I need redwoodplanks but i cant build it…

The artwork of the game is on point and it looks so realistic but fighting the AI so Difficult. They even have their own troops reserve in addition to the troops that are already in the battlefield while I will have to start with 0 troops. Why will u make battles VERY HARD when ur just starting the game? Those lands surrounding my castle need to be conquered but I can’t because they are mostly in very hard difficulty. This really throws players off. Games are meant to be fun and not frustrating

Awesome game play!!!

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