Gin Rummy Deluxe – Intuitive and easy to use controls

[Game] Gin Rummy Deluxe

Gin Rummy Deluxe  Gin Rummy Deluxe is a fun new version of the classic game of Gin Rummy.

In this two player card game, you and your opponent compete to form runs and sets of cards. New and experienced players can all enjoy this game by utilizing the three difficulty modes. With three different scoring modes and customizable themes, you won’t be able to put down this easy to play classic.


Three difficulty settings for all experience levels
Intuitive and easy to use controls
Customizable card backs and backgrounds
Detailed gameplay instructions
Statistics tracking

Gin Rummy Deluxe user reviews :

Also, and I do not know where my other post went, but I am frustrated I cannot move the cards. For example, I want a jack to be part of the K,Q,10 and it, the computer, puts the jack with 2 other jacks so when I touch it to move it over, it automatically goes to the discard pile and I cant get it back, so everything is screwed up.

The game itself is well designed and enjoyable. However, at 30 seconds after every 2nd hand, the ads are overwhelming. If forced to spend 50% of time viewing ads, they better be entertaining, which they are not.

Great game play except the game cheats occasionally. There is no reason it should keep the one card i need but it does. Also can’t get a small card sometimes until I have drawn every face card first. Not sure why but that happens alot.

I had this installed on my tablet for a few months, loved it!! Yesterday when I turned on my tablet to play, the game was not there, it was deleted. I tried several times to reinstall but everytime I got an error saying, an error occurred try again. Today I tried again and the same thing keeps happening. Please advise. Thank you!

I enjoy the game. Trying to remember how its played id s a little hard. More information or learning instruction would be great!! But! My main problem is it keeps freezing after each game now. So, l keep playing a new started game and never get to finish a set . One game only, and then start again, then one game and start again. Nearly, want to uninstalland reinstall, if that works. Why,it freezes I don’t understand, i l regularly scan. Thank you

Game keeps pestering me for a review so here it is. Looks are decent there’s a reasonable variety of cards and backgrounds to choose from. The sound effects aren’t annoying. If there’s music I don’t recall hearing it. I hate in game music except in Final Fantasy games. Gameplay can be annoying. I cannot count the times I have dropped a card out of a two card set or run only to have the very NEXT card either drawn or discarded by the opponent be the card I could have used.

I love this simple version of gin rummy! A couple things I would change or add, more settings, “undo” moves or redue moves. More card an background styles, or able to use gallery pic’s and have the ability to in large cards. Idk just wish sometimes it was more exciting, something to look forward to? But otherwise it’s the best gin rummy game I’ve ever found, so far! Nice work, but could you look into more settings and maybe more exciting features or some’n? But It’s ALL G00D!!

This game is exactly what I was hoping for. It is important to read the instructions located in the help section so you understand how deadwood works. The app offers a scoring summary that is really helpful in understanding how the points are calculated, it can be turned off at anytime. I’m really enjoying the app.

I’ve been a little leary about this game for a while. You’ll notice patterns the AI has but just can’t put your finger on it. Just now, I threw down a jack of hearts, AI picked it up, laid down a two of spades and knocked………no jack of hearts in it’s hand. Game is fixed. You can win a lot without any problems but come on.

Great game, the only issue I have is that you play to 100 points. Good problem.

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