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[Game] Grim wanderings 2

Grim wanderings 2  The game will soon be available on STEAM:

The main features of the game:

1) Deep role-playing system
2) Turn-based tactical battles
3) Lots of quests and events
4) Craft items
5) An Interesting world, open to exploration and full of exciting adventures

The second part is the rightful heir of the first. It saves all the key mechanics from the first part and adds a lot of new ones. The combat system is no longer an extension of the classic Disciples. Now it is a completely independent and original game

The game features a huge number of races, from the classic humans, elves and orcs, to much more rarely seen in games, such as lizardmen and ratmen. Characters are formed from 2 components – race and class, similar to my favorite D&D system. This game has 25 character classes to choose from and 37 classes for neutral creatures. Each class has its own set of abilities, which significantly affects the gameplay

Despite the fact that the game has already been released, it will be actively updated and changed. The following things are planned for the future:

1) Add a strategic game mode, with construction in the capital, construction on hexagons and technology research. In fact, it will be a full-fledged 4X strategy with deep role-playing elements

2) Add arena game mode. This mode will represent only fights, without a plot. Battles with other players will be available

3) Add infinite game mode. By analogy with the first part it will not have a plot and the map will be rebuilt at intervals of several dozen moves

4) Add an impressive number of unique legendary artifacts

5) Significantly increase the number of available random events when exploring territories

6) Add events when moving around the global map and events at the beginning of the player’s turn

7) Add a game editor. It will allow you to create your own events, quests, and even full-fledged campaigns. It will also allow to edit artifacts, races, classes, and character abilities. Game may be changed in it beyond recognition

When creating this game, I was most influenced by the following great computer games: might and magic 6 (1998), X-COM: UFO Defense (1994) and the Sid Meier’s Civilization series of games. Classic board games also had a major impact

Review from Hardcore Droid:

Grim wanderings 2 user reviews :

Definitely my top 5 android game. The ads and time limit could be annoying but it is easily solved by buying the game. Very reasonable and dirt cheap compared to some games in playstore. My only complain is the crafting system feels very demanding right now, would be very nice if the ingredients got a rework. Preferably it would be simplified like the resources at the top bar; after all, it could be really hard to navigate the sea of tiny icons in smaller phones.

I do not understand how people find this game amusing. It is a constant hunt for happiness of the squad. I played around 1 hour and all the time the squad members were leaving. The game does not explain how to raise happiness only that it falls off you die or if you don’t have money but even if you do, the happiness is dropping. I think this is a game breaking mechanism.

The not having an automated save feature killed it for me on this game for a while and then I was looking through my apps and saw it and was like why did I quit playing this game its engrossing and then the first death comes and boom no autosave so I’ve gotta restart at half the map and then I’m like oh yeah that’s why I quit playing…

Unfortunately the simplistic minimal battlefield only consist of 3 rows by 5 columns of hexes. In a game were survival of units is essential, having no room to avoid attacks, seems a bit uncalculated! An impression you will have repeatedly when facing the combat system! Still seems to be a decent game after some testing. Will give a more detailed analysis in some time. (A small battlefield reduces and limits tactical options during combat that is typical f childish mobile games!!!)..
  • Ellinia games
  • It’s funny, but in fact the battlefield has been expanded relative to the ideological inspirers of this game. In the first part and in Disciples 1-2 from where the ideas were drawn for it it was impossible to move in the battle at all. I think a small battlefield is the right thing to do, DIsciples 3 was destroyed by the increase in the battlefield

Absolutely love the 8 hours or so I’ve got in so far, just had my first event (chicken leg hut) disappear a character that I’d had from the start and needed to take a break from frustration. Which sucks, but still 5 stars for sure!

Great game. Took me couple times restarting until figured out my mistakes on hard difficulty. Challenging

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