Grow Idle Archer – Defend the monsters coming into town

[Game] Grow Idle Archer

Grow Idle Archer  Note :  If you delete the game when updating, the game data may also be deleted

Grow your archer and reach the highest stage!

Various arrows with unique characteristics!
Infinite growth system through Level up, Enchant, and Legendary!

Improvement, a probabilistic growth system
Evolution permanently increases damage with shape changes

Hero Growth System
Various hero growth systems
including Archery, Talent, Relics, and Buff

Use the spells to join the battle in real time!
It’s a good idea to use spells to reach the faster and higher stages

Free the slaves and transfer them to the town!
You can gain more taxes and souls

Town Defense
Defend the monsters coming into town!
Successful defense of monsters increases your influence on the town,
allowing you to gain more taxes and souls

You can enjoy various game modes through dungeon

Complete quests and gain gems

If certain conditions are met, reincarnation is possible!
When you reincarnate, you can gain the collected souls,
but Gold, Bow Improvement, Arrow levels, Archery, and Stage progress are reset.

Grow Idle Archer user reviews :

A pretty fun game to kill some time with. You pretty much do the same thing over and over while trying to reach higher waves and get the new arrow type. If you want to play for free it becomes an add simulator instead. There are a lot of buffs that are active for an x amount of minutes that you will need to progress, or wait 50 times longer than watching an add takes to progress. But the game does a good job of making it feel worth it to watch some adds since it improves the gameplay immensely.

Decent idler… reminds me of the likes of ego sword and one combo sword. Definitely just as grindy as those. Though content seems limited by comparison at this point but theres still time. There’s a few pay only options but not really necessary. This is one of those games where you’re in for the long haul. Online connection required pretty well sucks. Cant play at work.

Game is interesting, but the grind to even get to the rebirth mechanic is lengthy enough to make any but die-hard idle fans quit. Even once there, it would be another set of extreme repeat of that grind to actually get ‘moving’ up stages… Unless you purchase one of the admittedly low price soul packages – which I’d say is the point.

Personally this is all I like in an idle RPG. I’m getting Clicker Heroes vibes and I like it. Graphics are simple but efficient. Everything is well explained, in a few minute I learned what every menu on the screen was, so it wasn’t overwhelming. You can tell by a lot of little things in the gameplay that it wasn’t a quick cash grab but a well thought game. There seems to be a lot of content, and the premium currency seems to be easy enough to acquire day by day without paying. All in all great!

I am having fun playing this game. Controls are pretty simple. The game is fun and easy to understand the only issue I have right now is a tiny bug in the game. The bug is my gold keeps disappearing. I can get up to 10,000 God and then I lost it all. (Edit: I figured out that the reason I was losing my gold wasn’t a bug at all. I had my blacksmith set to try to improve my bow as soon as I got enough gold. So as soon as I got enough it automatically tried to upgrade my bow.)

They push a review down your throat so here is mine. The game could be good, but the progress and daily rewards are so abysmally slow it would take ages to get anywhere without spending real money. Even if you log in daily for your very weak daily rewards it will never amount to anything. The game could be great, but as it stands you will only ever get far on this if you spend a metric ton of real money.

This is a perfect incremental game. I’ve been playing EGO Sword for years and this is incredibly similar but different enough and with Its own few unique mechanics to make it stand out. I really like the art and animation, you did a great job on this game be proud of yourself dude. I heard about it from your post on the SubReddit and got into it on day1, I’m already in the top 300 on the leader boards I enjoy it so much.

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