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Guess The Words  Your task sounds simple enough: all you’ve got to do is guess the words from the letters provided by using the fewest hints possible.

The fewer clues that you use, the higher your score. However, like many things in life, things are not always as simple as they appear to be…

For one thing, your nerves of steel may be sorely tested when you must perform such a simple task whilst being stared at by a big yellow monster who has two terrible teeth. Can you fill in the correct letters or will you run away screaming?
Then there’s the added factor that the clues are so hilarious that you’ll find yourself to ask for one even when you do know the answer. Some people do say that laughter’s the best medicine. Those people clearly never went to medical school, but never mind….

Still not convinced to try this amazingly addictive word game? What’s stopping you? It’s a free to install this perplexing puzzle game and for your 0, you get more than 500 levels and a game with a vocabulary of over 100,000 words! How many hidden words can you find? How many mind-bendingly tricky top-tier levels will you complete?
You could learn new words to impress your friends and loved ones with. Downloading this game could be the first step towards living that life you’ve always dreamed of living! Or at the very least, it’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Guess the Words is simple to learn but difficult to master and will keep you entertained thanks to hundreds of levels and thousands of words to find. And the best bit is that you’ll be granted superpowers if you correctly guess all the words!*
So, take the plunge and do what all the cool kids (like my mum) are doing; install Guess the Words. It’s the best word puzzle game called Guess the Words which features a yellow monster that you’ll ever play!

*Disclaimer: Will not actually grant superpowers!

Guess The Words user reviews :

I find this game is well developed and intelligent. The words are mostly all there in order to play well. Some words I don’t even know so it helps me to learn them. I am enjoying this game 5 stars worth!
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that.
Game is diffent has some neat asspects need less on screen ads the ones that are watchable are enough without smaller ones it’s has bit of stuff that is diffent then usual word games but I find the questions really really hard on many occasions that I need hints to use to get it some are like who’s knows that or just really make no sense like not question or clue but backwards riddles that don’t really fit what was asked it also drains tons of power I give 3stars
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback. We will forward this to our developers.
I love this game , of you want a real brain teaser , this is the game , I’ve lost this game along time ago spent a year trying to get it back now I found it , but it’s much better than before , you gain hints much easier by completing each stage ….awesoness
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that
I really enjoy this game. Some of the hints are comical. Very easy to play, but challenging. Would recommend to my friends or anyone. Thanks for the fun game.
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much for your review!
It’s great to see a version of this classic word game again but it has some lagging issues which should be fixed.
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback. Could you send a screen video that demonstrates the issue? We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Tests your vocabulary. More chances to win something after completing levels would be a bonus. Good overall.
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that.
ITS SO silly to me how there are so many games with chickens and bunnies and .onkeys. waste our time. Also I only play a word game if I have the shuffle letters option.
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please let us know how we can improve the game.
Amazing new updates ive been playing this since the day i’ve got my first android phone.congratz! Its my stress relieved! Still One of a kind….
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that

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