Havenless – Is there really a safe place in this world

[Game] Havenless – Your Choice Otome Thriller

Havenless  Get tangled up in the relations and the events going on in the story about a world devastated by a mysterious infection.

Take the role of the partially infected main character!
Full-fledged Female-oriented Zombie Survival Dating Simulation Game, Havenless!

Spring, a few months after a mysterious infection of unknown origin started spreading…
I got infected, but still managed to keep my humanity.
Even in this situation, there is something I need to find.

I have something urgent to ask of you.
One day, we were brought to a place by the priest John…

Shane, my childhood friend who has a promise to keep,
Lance, who has to return to the safe zone,
Noah, the mysterious guy I met in the streets,

Samantha, the girl dead set on achieving her goal.
Is there really a safe place in this world?
Full-fledged Zombie Survival Romance, Havenless!

About the game
A female-oriented dating simulation visual novel otome game!
Meet the 4 uniquely charming characters!
Beautiful illustrations, together with music and sound effects, and direction to help you get immersed in the captivating story!
Raise affection, unlock a special episode with your favorite character, and more!

Notice about phone permissions
The following services will need additional permissions when using the app.
Optional Permissions
Storage (Pictures, Media, Files) : For saving illustrations on your device
Retracting Permissions
Options > Privacy > Choose permission > Choose app > Allow or Deny Permission

Official Webpage :: lucydream.kr/
Twitter :: twitter.com/lucydreamgame
Facebook :: www.facebook.com/lucydreamgames/
Contact :: cs[at]storytaco.com

Havenless user reviews :

The game and story lines themself are amazing, along with the different paths, but my only dislike about the game is anytime you try to enter or exit an episode there’s alsway some sort of ad- Over all Havenless is one of my favorite games that I on my phone! If your looking for daily-doses of tea, this is one of the best rpg games you could try

It is a really good game. It has a great storyline, each character has their own personality, and of course, the ending. But there’s one problem I have. I have completed an action to get gems, but I haven’t gotten my gems yet after acheiving the action.
  • StoryTaco.inc
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. We’re very sorry for your inconvenience. :( For any missing rewards, you have to contact to Free Charging service directly first. If you have any questions about how to contact the free charging station, please email us through ‘Setting-Contact us’ in the game. Thank you.

The story is so interesting, the art is amazing but the starting point kinda forces you to choose Lance (a character from the story) so that the story makes sense but that’s all my complains. If you could remove that first scene, devopler, I think it will give the player more freedom.

Fun, great story, if not a little annoying to build relationships with everyone. I like the hint option best. Edit: paid to up Lance route, I have to say fairly disappointed in all routes including Hidden. I feel a lot of plots are unresolved and its depressing to not get closure. I won’t say more as it will spoil the plot. How Lance- why!? Lastly, while playable there are some glaring translation errors that could be creating confusion. Edit- I’m having fun, and if you add more stories and Lance warms up this could go 5 stars ;)
  • StoryTaco.inc
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. Sorry to hear you aren’t having a great experience with the game T_T We will try to add more stories in the future! We hope you can have more fun next time in our game. Thank you.
The game is really amazing. I’ve just started playing but it’s more fun than I expected. Even though my diamonds are low, I feel comfortable knowing that if I collect them they will increase.The story is progressing well and I currently have no complaints.
  • StoryTaco.inc
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. We appreciate your beautiful comment.

I have just started playing the game today and i have too say i love it so far the story line is very interesting. It’s very easy to understand and the controls are very good, easy to use. Lovely game I recommend it!

It’s really really fun to play! Simple, cute, and it has some shocking plot twits here and there. The only thing I would fix is the amount of diamonds we get or earn from watching adds. Or earning them.
  • StoryTaco.inc
  • Hello, this is Lucydream. Free Gems can be obtained through Episode Progress, attendance rewards, puzzle gathering, watching ads, following us on social media and by using the free charging station. You can also do patrol to get tickets and other items randomly. Moreover, you can get notification rewards two times a day. Thank you

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