Ice Scream 1 – Solving the mystery of this evil villain

[Game] Ice Scream 1 – Horror Neighborhood

Ice Scream 1  The ice-cream seller has come to the neighborhood! He has kidnapped your friend and neighbor Charlie and you’ve witnessed it all…

He has frozen your best friend using some sort of superpower and has taken him somewhere with his van. Your friend is missing, and worse… What if there are more children like him?

This terrifying ice-cream seller’s name is Rod, and he seems to be very friendly towards kids; however, he has an evil plan, and you need to find out where is it. All you know is that he takes them into the ice cream van, but you don’t know where they go after that.

Your mission will be hiding inside his van and solving the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you will travel through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.

What can you do in this game?

Rod will listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive him, so he does not see you.
Move to different scenarios with the van and discover all its secrets.
Solve puzzles to rescue your neighbor from the clutches of this horrific enemy. Action is guaranteed!
Play in ghost, normal and hard mode! Can you complete them all?
Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenarios, suitable for all audiences!

If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror, and fun, play now “Ice Scream: Horror Neighbor”. The action and the shouts are guaranteed.

It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.

Each update will bring new content, fixes, and improvements based on your comments.

This game contains ads.

Thanks for playing!

Ice Scream 1 user reviews :

This game is really fun, with multiple gamemodes, you can play when you want a challenge, when you don’t, etc. You can speed run, and try to finish the game itself in a different way then you did last time. All those parents out there thinking this game is scary, it really isn’t, besides the beginning, (which you can skip) and when he catches you, (which you can avoid), its not really scary. Overall, great game!

This game was as usuall amazing but exept that i kinda struggle a bit in this hard puzzle’s (its hard for me) and tge keys and all those other things are a bit hard to find but this game is fun,and thats the reason why i rated it 4 stars

I can say that this is the best horror game I’ve ever played and it’s cool and with suspense because there are upto four chapters and also I’m asking you to have the chapter 5 also…the only issue I’m having in this game is when I get caught the music stops, if it goes like this after getting caught we can’t know Wether rod is seeing me or notwill be always there for to support Keplerians….

It was the the best horror game I ever played! But there is no option for saving the game, If the dev would put an option for saving the game before quiting, I would give 5 stars.

This game is superb… But there are not many puzzles to solve. There is not stucking in the middle of the game but yet I have to go with 4 stars. That is it. Let me try the other 2 chapters and will let you know. Good luck. Keep going !!!!

I like puzzles and this is a game for it, however, please, fix the bug where at any point we get caught by him, the music and the sound just stop and muted and also, fix the bug where in that canal thingy, Rod gets stuck at the end of that canal with the planks

I just beat this game in like 10 min! I am so happy that I found everything!. That time I was so dumb of finding the things… But with my brothers help I escaped! Thanks keplerians to make this game. Hope there will be a part 5 but make in! ghost mode too for the people who are scared to play in normal or in any mode!

Keplerians your games are most awesome games in the world! Ice Scream 1 ‘s graphics and controls are very, very nice. But in Ghost MOD there are so many ads which disturbs me during playing. Plz fix it. And in other MODS it doesn’t happen. Overall I gave it 5 STARS.

It’s a great game but here’s the thing there’s a glitch where the map in the beginning spawns in before it falls out of Rod’s pocket and I don’t like it how you can’t save your gameplay and if you get out of the game it will instantly reset your gameplay and that’s all

I love this game its really fun but I don’t like the way rod can get you in the crane when he is in the the crane as he walks through it. But other that that I really recommend this awesome game

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