Idle Lumber Mill – Who says becoming a lumberjack is hard work

[Game] Idle Lumber Mill

Idle Lumber Mill  Welcome to Lalaska Forest!

Here you will axe down trees & convert them into wooden planks to earn those shiny GEMS! Becoming the richest tycoon was never this easy! Who says becoming a lumberjack is hard work?

Features of Idle Lumber Mill:

Don’t feel like chopping your own wood? Hire lumberjacks!
Use debarking, chisel & plank machines to turn timber into profit!
Idle gameplay has never been this rewarding & relaxing!
Claim VIP bonuses!

Idle Lumber Mill is played with just a TAP of your finger! Are you ready to become the crackerjack of timber?

Idle Lumber Mill user reviews :

Adverts everywhere. Game itself was okay. But constantly forced ad’s put me off. For example. You level up, you can click for x3 money but costs an amount of gems. You can get x5 money for watching an add. Or click the x on the corner to close. But 99% of the it’ll force a 20 second ad anyway so it’s pointless and for that, it’s ruined it for me.

Needs to be tweaked. Instead of one tent depensing workers where ever. You should be able to manage where your workers go. I have 4 running mills and on the first two barely any wood but so many workers they are just standing around. Meanwhile my other two mills have a bunch of wood and in dire need of workers. Not to mention I have wood laying down everywhere in the forest. Why cant those standing around go collect it? Good idle game but really needs some work. The ads dont overwhelm you, TY.

The game is so nice and it is even some what realastic. I would have given you 5 stars but I didn’t., because the game is so laggy whenever I go to cut the tree.

First impression, the first game I’ve ever seen where the ad gets you higher bonus than purchased currency. Values your time.

Cool game, it would be even better if you added a button so you can save the game and play on another phone. I don’t want to start playing everything from the beginning

Well, that’s unfortunate. This game seems like it might be fun, but I’m not okay with forced ads. There are several things in this game I’d be willing to watch ads for, like the profit doubler, or the super lumberjack, but when the game forces unskippable ads, I just uninstalled. Too bad. Greed ruins so many good things in life, this game included.

Nice big step in the right direction with the ads. While it still sometimes gives me unskippable ads, it’s not that aggravating now. Keep it up.

Decent little game but not idle. My workers go and hide in their tent until I return thus nothing gets done while I’m not playing making this not an idle game

I really like the game but can you add a bit where you can choose if you want the workers to collect or chop

Could be a good game. I’ve got loads of workers but they very badly positioned. Got 5 people collecting wood to be cut up. But 30 people trying to cut it up really dosent make sense

Paid for no ads and i still get them so i either want my money back or just make it to where i don’t have ads no more also make it a 2 finger tap please would help out alot otherwise ill just Uninstall and play another game

It’s actually an addicting game. You can speed up work, also cut down trees yourself so your not just sitting and waiting on workers. I also like the free camera, Being able to move around and view the area is nice. But I would rather have it as a 2 finger moving, or a option for camera lock. This way if you want to relax and tap on the screen to speed up the workers you can without having the camera jerk around. This way players can use 2 fingers and tap faster. Otherwise I enjoy it :)
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  • We appreciate your positive review which gives us the motivation to do better and better with each update. Looking forward to your review in the future

It has the potential to be a great game. The option to manually chop down trees or just sit back and watch the workers do it is great. I would like an offline mode, as an idle game I’d expect to go to bed, wake up in the morning and have some money built up for upgrades etc… If the logs run out in the wood store the workers stand around. It would be nice if they went to collect the millions of logs sitting around. Also, I would like to see an FAQ section.

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