Idle Tower Builder – Build the highest tower of all times

[Game] Idle Tower Builder – Construction tycoon manager

Idle Tower Builder  You are in charge of building the world’s highest tower.

Gather or produce the necessary resources and fulfill your aim!

In the web browsers the game was played by ten million people!
No extensive clicking is needed: the game has auto-clicker.
The game works offline, there is no need in internet connection.
No intrusive ads: ads will be shown only if you want it (in the exchange of bonus)

You build the tower by mining resources in the quarry and processing it to create bricks. Every next floor of the tower needs much more bricks, so, upgrade your production facilities wisely.

To deliver the bricks to the higher floors of the tower, you’ll need a crane. You can build the crane from planks, which you can create from wood at the lumbermill.

Forest is the depletable source of wood: while building the tower don’t forget about ecology! Supply the forest with water (either from the water well or by creating a thundercloud and casting a rain) to regain wood faster.

Workers with wheelbarrows will bring resources from one location to another. They can be sped up by a drummer, who generates the rhythm. Later the Elephant will help you bring the stone to the saw.

The elephant (unlike the workers) needs food to work. Food is produced on the grass field and stacked into the haystack.

To gain money for the upgrades you’ll need to sell some of the resources. Additional source of money is the tourists. They fly on the zeppelin and attend you tower (but only after you reached floor 5)

The caravanserai increases the price of the resources on the market, and the camel automatically takes stone, bricks, wood, planks, hay or water from your storages.

As the tower is growing, the more and more advanced technologies become available. For example, you can build the Clock, which speeds up the time. Or a helicopter, which dramatically increased stone production.

As soon as you reach the space, science facilities are unlocked. Science is generated by dropping apples from the tower and looking how they fall, or by spectating the stars and comets from the telescope. You can spend science points to equip the lab in the tower basement and purchase permanent upgrades, which boost your production more and more.

By restarting the tower building you earn Golden Bricks – prestige currency. It boost your tap power, facilities production and market prices. After several restarts you’ll have enough resources to build the highest tower of all times!

The game was made by Airapport: award winning indie game development team.

Idle Tower Builder user reviews :

Wood is awefull to collect. No matter how high you have your tree cutter set and water station, it can take forever for the cutters to cut down enough trees to advance to the next floor. Makes it boring to wait so long and kind of unreasonable to keep playing on. Edit: after update the wood is finally start to harvest, but now there is no helicopter to keep up with the stone demand. I dont know what happened. Edit2: after uninstalling and reinstalling everything is working fine so far.
  • Airapport
  • Thank you for playing and supporting us! Glad that everything works smoothly now. We are working to make even more content available in the upcoming update of our idle tower builder game
Great game! As soon as i realized it was from the same dev of the idle steampunk game I had to try it. If you like multiple resource collection and processing you will love this game too! I am very glad you are still producing quality idle format games. Thank you.
  • Airapport
  • Thank you so much for your support! :) Really happy that you liked the game. We keep working to deliver updates with new content: the whole new tower will be available soon.
I’m enjoying playing this game even though I’m not a fan of idle type games. My only problem is that when I completed floor 5 my winch got stuck between ground floor and 1st floor so I had to restart my building which wasn’t really a problem only the winch is the problem. Also why do we loose all cash when restarting a building? Will rate 5 stars when winch problem is sorted.
  • Airapport
  • Thank you very much! Looing all the money takes place only on the initial stag for the game. Later on, you get 1 coin for each 1B coins. And after you unlock Science on Floor 12, you can get much higher fraction of money saved after the restart
Its not bad. Good thing is, they don’t shove ads down your throat. However, there is little to no motivation. The amount of “prestige” points slowly deteriorates(as you gain more, you earn less per level). I think this is what made me decide to put it down and move on. And a shame, because its decent in comparison to other games.
Great game! All of the games from this developer are fun, but this is my favorite. Not too complicated, lots of fun in-game, and off-line idle is perfect. Not too ad-heavy and zero forced ads. The last update really sped up building progress. Thank you Airapport!
  • Airapport
  • Thank you so much! Really happy that you liked out newest idle game. Indeed, we have learned much since the first Steampunk Idle Spinner, and we are preparing the upcoming update with much new content now. And going to return to the first games of the series with new experience and ideas.

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