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Idle Tower Kingdom  Who doesn’t dream about being a truly powerful king in a fantasy world full of magic towers?

Arise as the ruler you were always meant to be, build elemental towers with idle defense mechanisms, protect your kingdom with magic spells and runes, and loot heaps of gold as you progress!

Build up your empire of automated towers and boost your defense with alchemical potions of might and luck. Mine additional resources to upgrade and expand your kingdom as you keep up with the challenge of incoming enemies and their bosses. Optimize your strategy through tower placement and skill selection to progress as many waves as possible – even offline with the help of your commander! Be completely idle and let your towers do the work or support them through active tapping in this TD kingdom simulator.

Idle Tower Kingdom is a medieval fantasy tower defense game that mixes clicker mechanics with casual idle play to maximize action and fun. Defend the castle walls of your kingdom from incoming waves of enemy invaders and automatically loot all of their gold. Build magic towers with unique elemental abilities and unleash their full idle potential with powerful upgrades. Each wave spawns a boss and increases the strength of your enemies, letting you loot more and more gold when you defeat them.

Hoard gold like a king and invest in the right tower strategy to demonstrate your power. Enhance their abilities with magical runes and artifacts for even greater might. Like in other online clicker games you can use the Prestige function, turn back time and condense your progress into permanent rune stones to become richer and more powerful with each new round.

Don’t lose time! Take your rightful place as king and defend your empire from the invaders!


Strategy and action of TD combined with the fun of idle and clicker games!
Defend the castle of your kingdom against the endless waves of enemies with angry peasants, tough soldiers, and sneaky mercenaries!
Build up to 6 towers like the classic bow and arrow tower or towers with mighty magic like fire, frost, lightning, earth, or shadow!
Defeat the various boss enemies with their special set of skills like the fast-moving berserker, the healing druid, or the resurrecting necromancer!
Optimize your strategy: Level up your towers and increase their power by investing points in their talent trees with 10 unique talents and an ultimate talent!
Tap to support your towers and shoot mighty spells against your enemies or use your 2 magic skills to overcome the challenge of defending your kingdom!
Earn idle gold and progress waves offline or online: Continue the defense of your kingdom even when you are offline!
Forge up to 50 runes at the smith and unlock 20 unique mythical runes to automate the defense of your kingdom or speed up your wave progress!
Brew 6 powerful potions and poisons at the alchemist for more gold income, automated tapping, or to defeat whole waves of enemies!
Tap to catch the magical fairy to earn free gold and other precious loot like herbs, runestones, materials, and jewels.
Raise your nobility rank to unlock and upgrade your 3 production buildings for even more loot: A king like you should be richt at least!
Battle through the 4 seasons in this medieval fantasy TD simulator with a fun comic-style!
Ascend your kingdom and earn more than 100 epic rewards!
Optimized for smartphones and tablets!

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Idle Tower Kingdom user reviews :

What a beautiful game! Sending all my respect to your team! Idle Tower Kingdom is a world you don’t want to get out while you are playing Everything looks like magic in this world Love the concept, sound effects and everything
  • Myrolit Studios
  • Thank you so much, Armine Avetisyan! Even more magical stuff will be added in the future, stay tuned!
An okay idle td. Progress seem over slow. Must reach at least stage 880 to get skip wave which is super boring grinding to get there. Earth tower autoquake also nerfed for no reason, make it harder to new player reach 880. Even if ads is optional, seem we forced to watch them. or else hardly making progress.
  • Myrolit Studios
  • Hey Wisnu Wardhana, thank you very much for your feedback! The earth tower’s quake was nerfed as it became too powerful in certain tower setups/combinations compared to other towers. Feel free to send us any suggestions on making progression more interesting, either at info[at], or on our discord (
Awesome game. Very enjoyable tower defense with prestige. PS. Thanks for fixing the offline bug.
  • Myrolit Studios
  • Hi Jesper Friis, thank you for pointing that out! It is indeed a bug and shouldn’t be like that. Sorry for the frustrating experience. UPDATE: took us a bit longer than we hoped, but the offline progression should be back to normal now after doing PRESTIGE. We also improved the ultimate tower talents for more strategic choice :)

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