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[Game] Itemtopia – Home Inventory & Home Organization

Itemtopia  Organizes info about your Home, Items, Services, Family and Pets

No Advertising within App
Free Backup just in case you lose your phone
Use multiple devices simultaneously or create a Family Account
Users in 65 countries and available in 11 languages
Tracks receipts which may be tax-deductible
Reports that summarize the total asset values, purchase receipts, and expense records
Alerts you to vehicle recalls

Itemtopia is your place to keep the info about your things, your collectibles, your home, your pets, the services you have, and even a place to keep records and important notes on you or your family members.

Our Users Love Us
We’re the most helpful App you will download this entire year – maybe this decade.

Almost 10 years ago, we created Itemtopia as an app to become better organized with everything in our lives. Then, we shared it with our friends. And, our app has taken off around the world. Thank you. Itemtopia is located in beautiful Canada and we support our users for free.


Our users are homeowners, landlords, collectors, small businesses, students, and anyone who realizes that being organized requires a method and structure to be organized. We are that App.

We are a unique and simple way to add your home and important things, then use notes (or journal) and add receipts to track the history, value, images, and expenses on everything you add. You can add warranties, set reminders for anything and even print reports. We have categories for your items, for people, for pets and even your services.

We categorize the things you own and allow you to keep a history of everything that happens to anything you add. Our reports are great to view the TOTAL VALUE of your things, or track expenses for taxes, or for historically looking up past information.

We are a growing database of everything in your life. Everything you add is searchable for you.

Uses encrypted syncing so you can use more than one device or you can share your app with more than one person.

Use Itemtopia when out of coverage, because all of your data is on your device. And, it is encrypted when syncing with the cloud service so you can log in with another device or your partner can also use the same account – and the data syncs automatically.

You can add expenses for you, your home, any person, item, service or pet and you can tag receipts or expenses with an expense type and report on these for tax season. You can even flag them as tax-deductible or reimbursable.

Add notes about services (insurance documents, cellphone, and internet plan details) and these are time stamped.

PETS – Keep vaccination records, allergies, food, add reminders for periodic medication, photos to track growth or track health records and costs.

CARS – We check recalls for you!

HOME – Protect against possible disaster. Add, photos, receipts and warranties. Remind yourself to fertilize or change the furnace filter.

YOU AND YOUR FAMILY – Add eye prescriptions notes for add medical records, a Journal and set up any personal reminders.

CLOTHING – Create a single Item called ‘Clothing’ and add a new note, with photos of the tops/dresses and the size for each brand. You will know what size fits you best for that brand.

TOOLS AND SMALL ENGINES – Things like last oil change date, spark plug number and repairs bills.

YOUR RACE CARS! – Car track setup for each race and track as well as tire pressures and track temperatures for the day.

BOATS – Set reminders to check gear oil in the fall, warranty info, your fishing license

ROUTERS and INTERNET – Add the IP address/password and set-up guide

WARRANTIES – We keep all the details for all warranties and we even remind you when they are about to expire.

Itemtopia user reviews :

Awesome app for organizing your stuff, yes I said it, STUFF. As in George Carlin’s classic “Stuff” comedy routine about stuff people accumulate, this app is the 21st century’s way of organizing your stuff in Spaces! No ads to bother you, very intuitive, easily configurable for your needs, and very easily the best way to organize and keep track of your stuff. And it’s FREE! I’m in the process of replacing my home office due to a septic back up and I wanted a way to keep track of all the new furnishings, computer equipment, and accessories for insurance purposes and my sanity. I’ll now have a record of what I’ve purchased and compare that with my list with the insurance company of what has been replaced (My insurance company gave me half of the replacement value of the contents and I have to submit receipts to get reimbursed for the other half when the items are purchased). If this happens again or I have a warranty issue, I have everything at my fingertips to look up. Did I mention it was FREE! It’s also a great tool to find your stuff when everything has been inventoried… I also was amazed at how quickly customer support was when I had a question about the app. Less than an hour for a reply to me by email! Wow! By the way, The app is FREE!
  • Itemtopia Inc.
  • Haha :-) Thank you for a wonderful review which we will certainly share with our Dev Team. We always are trying hard to learn and create more features for our great users. All the very best.
I love it! One feature request, let me search for custom fields including selections. Or give me a way to export my data (maybe as a CSV?) Update: Search is improved, working how I would like it now! It would be great to have a summary page breaking down how many items are in each category when you have a custom field with selections.
  • Itemtopia Inc
  • You can search for custom fields, however our fuzzy look up in the current version experienced some issues for some data points. Rest assured, we have brand new Search in our upcoming release. Loads of new functionality, and all kinds of new customization is on its way. You will know when it’s available as the version will tell you its updating.

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