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[Game] Kakuro Number Crosswords

Kakuro Number Crosswords  Get started with new addictive mind puzzle!

Challenge yourself with Kakuro Cross Sums! Not only is this game fun but it challenges and increases in your ability to multitask and use math. It requires focus and logic as well. No other game offers as much neurological stimulation and cognitive training while being so much fun!

This puzzle game expounds upon number games like Sudoku and word games like crossword puzzles. It brings you the ultimate mathematic hybrid that is different from all other games on the market.

With number combinations that make up each clue you can use logic to find the single solution! There are over 14000 games of different sizes including 5 x 5 and 15 x 15. You can earn more points by playing bigger games. Each puzzle guarantees only one correct answer so you will know it when you find it.

This free app will help you along the way as you first learn to play. It will offer encouragement and a multitude of options for increasing your scores such as saving your current score or playing a larger board. As you play each high score gives you a victory text within the game allowing you to save your progress or delete it and challenge yourself again! By playing more boards you can get more points.

While playing larger boards you can zoom in and out for better viewing. You can even leave notes for yourself while you are playing the game.

If you are particularly challenged you can ask for a hint which will be displayed in the first cell and can help you solve the puzzle faster by pointing you in the right direction. The clue will turn colors to help you as well! Red is for an incorrect answer and green is for a correct answer.

The more you play these games the more combinations you will learn and the faster the math will be. Start now and solve them all!

Kakuro Number Crosswords user reviews :

Of the kakuro games I’ve played this one has the best ergonomics and is the least faff to use. Scoring is bonkers, though. So why the measly 3 stars? I hear you say. It’s because I used to use this in its full version on my Kindle fire which has now died and for some reason it has disappeared from the Amazon cloud. So I’m a bit peeved at being asked to pay again on my Android if I want to do anything but the smallest puzzles. So 5 for the game and 1 for being stingy about it.

Easy to use and easy to see. How many puzzles in each level? How do I get the score and promo? I don’t know how many puzzles I have solved in each level.

This Kakuro is by far the best of them all. I’ve been playing this game for literally decades, long before it was caked Kakuro. After finishing all the puzzles, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count. Download this one. You’ll be glad you did.

I have a great time playing these Kakuro puzzles. They challenge my mind in such a non-threatening and private way. I always win but there’s always that little knock-down, drag-out, before I do. Just love it!

Nice, easy to use interface and enjoyable game play. I am only on the easy, 5 x 5 puzzles atm but even these make you use your brain.

Easy to follow. Simple without all the fancy graphics that get in the way of the puzzle. Best app for the game.

This is my favorite Kakuro app. It’s easy to pencil in the possible numbers to whittle down to the only one number that fits both directions.

Like everything…appearence, smothness of play, music. Great kakuro experience! How do you use Scores page? When I click on ‘Scores’, my game closes down

Just played it a few times. So far i like it. The controls are easy to use. Puzzles are trickier than they look.

I play this Kakuro game every day, for fun and to warm up my brain for work. The puzzles are very intricate and cool.

I enjoy this game a lot. similar to sudoku. i wish there were more levels in the free version.

Fun, easy-to-play interface. Allows me to scratch that Kakuro itch on the go.

You need to understand the combination of numbers first but once mastered very addictive

Good game. if they didn’t ask for it to be rated after every game the rating would be higher, 4 or 5

I really like this app, its level eases you up to harder levels

I love the challenge! These puzzles are great!

Is a simple and good version of this game.

great game, but don’t quite understand the scoring system.

I love working with numbers and this is entertaining to me.

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