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Knightcore Universal  Designed and produced original

Taiwan’s new creative team “Marscat” has launched a dungeon-based RPG, with game content, music, comics, and theme songs while creating the game “Knightcore”. The excellence in its content and quality has received the attention of Taiwan’s largest annual award “Best Digital Product of 2019”. Whether it be the Golden Melody, Golden Horse, and Japan’s mangaka grand competition winner, alongside the development team with over ten years of experience, it is a new mobile game that gathers outstanding Taiwanese creators and is 100% MIT.

Original gameplay, a large battle team of 3 heroes and 5 knights
Collecting heroes that can automatically commence AI attacks, the player takes control as a knight with ten unique classes available, each with their own unique moves. This new strategic style of gameplay combines both manual and automatic interactions, providing challenging gameplay over hundreds of dungeons.

50 sets of free fashion clothing available for collection
Get special wardrobe functions by achieving some requirements.
So that players who like to dress can fully enjoy the fun of role-playing!

Switching classes, and finding the playstyle you want
There are 10 classes and 80 skills in the game for players to switch and play, and you can also use other player’s characters for team strategy. Teams can also be sent to collect resources, getting most of the benefits with just 30 minutes of play in one day!

World of Camelot depends on you
This world, called Camelot and is ruled by a cat queen. She has ten knights under her command, assisting their local lords in the five major cities. Players will eventually advance from a novice knight to a knight leader, working with other players in the server to save the World of Camelot.

Together in this world we create the characters
All characters created by the players will become part of the server. Even when offline, other players can recruit you to join on adventures with them, providing you with benefits as well. All of the players are knights, constantly meeting and saying goodbye, collaborating, and tasking risk with your fellow knights make it a unique gaming experience for every player.

Knightcore Universal user reviews :

Superb art, gameplay and storyline. The only problem is, it download resources while in exploring chapters and etc, kinda boring while fighting and waiting for dl resources. Maybe thats the reason why people mistook it lag(maybe this is the reason why they gave u low star). I honestly thought that too in early. Anyway, This game is great and friendly. Edit: I can’t do boards, temple and chapters even I’m x10 higher level and cleared stage 15/30. I’m so disappointed.
  • 火星貓科技
  • Hello, thanks for your comment, Will feedback your comments to the team for reference
Great game, only complaint is even tho i chose a female character, all the dialog is still geared twords a male character. For instance being referred to as him/he or when asked where you got your sword you can say from your grandfather or your girlfriend. It should say from your boyfriend if you pick the female gender and you should be referred to as she/her.
  • 火星貓科技
  • Hello, thanks for your comment, Will feedback your comments to the team for reference
After playing for 2 weeks, it seems like the game will heavily focus on P2W. Ranking and reward system is obviously for P2W, F2P players will not be able to reach a decent reward base on how the game design. For now, its quite decent as game is still in intro stage alowing players to feel the game as P2W with generous reward, what wil happen in future makes me hesitate to go hard on game, the poor balance on reward will obviously kill the game. The only good trait i find is the friend asist sys
  • 火星貓科技
  • Hello, thanks for your comment, Will feedback your comments to the team for reference
This one have very interested concept. We do not collecting hero and allow us perform unlimited and free set for auto battle but the minus at “AI”. battle we need do rewrite over and over if we change the mercenary, i suggested this game need Master command just like for saving tactical issue. Because the settings icon itself to small so average people have hard time looking it so maybe they will think this game as garbage or bug because auto battle only do normal atack without skill at first.
  • 火星貓科技
  • Hello, thanks for your comment, Will feedback your comments to the team for reference

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