Lady and Maid – Live a life that is no different from others

[Game] Lady and Maid – Visual Novel for Women

Lady and Maid  It was a normal life, except that my parents died early in an accident.

I firmly believed that I would continue to live a life that is no different from others.

“The one who becomes the grandfather left a legacy.”

One day, the mansion that suddenly inherited from me
Five pretty male maids?!

Kim Youngho
A maid in charge of cleaning the mansion with a frill skirt!

Yoon Bom
A rogue but cute maid with pink hair that suits you so well!

Edward Bang
The maid in charge of the schedule, long black hair is attractive. Is it because of my mood that there are so many stories?

Alexander Whey Wang
A maid with an attractive copper-colored skin, specialty is a chocolate cake as sweet as his skin!

Lee Won-hoo
A mansion manager with little words and a blunt expression. He wears a shirt that always bursts and is cutting firewood in the back of the mansion.

Live 2D with a sense of life
Ending that varies depending on the option
How to tame a maid who is faithful to her instincts

Feminine-oriented visual novel lady and maid Maid unannounced

Mail inquiry: redpeachcomics[at]

Developer Contact 02-6010-9513

Lady and Maid user reviews :

the artstyle is great, but only 3 stars for now till the English translation can be good enough for reading comprehension. as it is now, i’m sorry to say, it’s virtually unreadable. but thank you to the developers for working hard, and i trust y’all to continue making improvements! also, just so the dev’s know, the names and most of the buttons still appear in korean in the english language version. i like the story concept, and look forward to understanding the dialogue soon!

UPDATE: Okay, so playing further, I noticed there’s sometimes a loading issue, when you try and load a save file. Sometimes it’ll load on episode 1, even if you’ve opened a save file for episode 5, for example. Also, is there any way of getting more coins, after doing the free advert/downloading of apps? So far, only playing through the prologue and one chapter of one of the chosen maids/servants. I’m really enjoying it. I like the designs of each character and they’re easy to tell apart; it’s clear they all are uniquely different too. I won’t comment on the translations right now, as there are a lot of reviews highlighting that, but it is difficult to translate one language to another– especially English, but I can look over that. It’s understandable and readable to an extent. So far, I really like Kim Yeong Ho. He’s so soft and that’s adorable to me. I hope a lot more people get to read/play your game. I’m looking forward to what the story has in store.

Before installing this game, I’ve actually read the webtoon version already so I have a background of what is going on xD so far, i’m enjoying it despite playing it just a while ago :D as for the english translations, the action that was done and the idea of what the characters want to convey is still understandable despite the slight confusion due to grammar and choice of words. There’s still room for improvements and I hope that the developers continue to work hard for this game

Well, the English translation could use some work… but still! The game itself is perfection! I love the art and how the story is flowing smoothly ( I can read Korean bish ) especially the execution of literally everything! I recommend this game to anyone who reads this. I assure you, the game is marvelous!

This game itself is perfection, its just the trasnslation is awful(not to say the pronouns are confusing) but overall i know translating can be pretty complicated, keep up the good work guys

I agree…the English translation is hilarious. It’s hard to take anything seriously…or sometimes make sense of what they’re talking about
  • 레드피치 Red Peach
  • We’re not good enough. I’m sorry. I’ll show you a better side next time. Thank you.
I loved it! Though the translations are a bit confusing, i could still grasp the concept of the story. I was thinking is it possible to transfer accounts on android and ios, since i play on both and if i could have the same progress on both devices. Good luck to the developers !!
  • 레드피치 Red Peach
  • Sorry. I didn’t fully understand. But if you change the cell phone machine, you can ask us. Give us your old UID and your current UID and we will transfer your old data to your new phone. It doesn’t matter whether it is iOS or Android. It is only recommended to take note of your UID. You can copy the UID, from the settings screen.

I just started playing, it’s good. And I understand that translating can be difficult. So far the only problem is it can be confusing with how sometimes they call the maids by male pronouns and sometimes female. Same with the mc.

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