Match Triple 3D – Relax and have fun

[Game] Match Triple 3D

Match Triple 3D

 Match Triple 3D is an easy and free tile match puzzle game.

It is the best way for you to relax and have fun, wow!


 Just tap to pick the cute 3D items into the box. Three same items would be matched and you win a star. Match all the cute items as fast as possible.
After you clear all items, you win and get the stars reward. More rewards as you are faster.
If there are 7 different items in the box, you would fail.
Take easy for the timer, we believe you have enough time to match and clear all items.
Each level theme and items would be change randomly, please enjoy it!Here are free but challenging well-designed levels in the tile app to train your brain, improve your memory, as well as practice your ability to find and think logically.It is the best time killer for you! You can play at any time whenever you are free. Try our match tiles 3D and become the tile matching masters!if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: shizeqiu85[at]

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Match Triple 3D user reviews :

Great game, was enjoying the actual game play, but the adverts are unbearable. Yes of course ‘free’ games should have some ads, but forcing someone to watch an entire ad After. Every. Single. Turn. Is waaaay too much. Some games allow you to terminate the ad halfway through with the back button or X tick box, but here you are forced to watch the entire advert then even once it’s finished, you have to wait an additional 15-20 seconds before you can go onto the next turn! Forced to remove.

I Was doing great. On level 960 Then out of nowhere it took me back to level 2.can play it. But it wont give me anything for passing. Now its just another Wacked game on google. That should be taken down. If this didnt happen. I would have given it 5 stars.

It is a really fun game & addicting. But it has one problem. Sometimes when I get to the last match of a toy, animal, fruit ect. There is no 3rd object of the last match & wind up losing the level when I could have one. It’s very irritating. Fix the glitch please!? I’d appreciate it.

With the new updates the pieces spread out over the entire page, under the ad at the bottom where you can’t see them, off the screen, on top of the prepicked items and under the part at the top where it is not touch sensitive. It is very difficult to play when you can’t see all the pieces.

Fun game. Really like that I can use my stylus to tap instead of my finger. Too many ads though!!!

Updates have made this impossible to play. Items fall uder the ads and you cannot retrieve. I was lovinbg this game and was at over level 500 and now it’s brutal.

Like the app but often some of the items are missing so you can’t finish game. Sometimes they’ll pop up if you hit the last bottom button but most times they don’t

Just switched from master 3d, was always crashing! This game is more stable, items don’t accidentally fall if you move too fast!

Well I switched games because you don’t have Any support from the Loop games and they don’t save your progress so I looked and found this lots of levels and fun things to do you should look at it it’s on both tablet and phone

Love the game. Lately it has a few glitches when coming out of ads tends to freeze up.

I’d give it a 5 except that after the 1st time out, the additional time outs are so short you just keep watching ads. Make the add ons longer or the ads shorter.

Not as simple as it appears. Interesting and challenging. Keeper.

properly. Type of game is so relaxing. Im hooked on this game. Try it you will love it.

Very good game make you think I play this on my table and cell you can win most games you can”t on most game

It is fun. Not as challenging as another which is timed. [Darn it] but it still teaches you to search fast for same objects.

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