Mega Tower – Merge and Construct system

[Game] Mega Tower – Casual tower defense

Mega Tower  Welcome to the future world and enjoy this casual game!

As a talented commander, you are too busy to take a star walk. Let’s go to the frontiers to guard the Mega Tower because enemy summoner has opened the portal which could lead to an outbreak of star war at any time.

Game Features

Casual tower defense game
It’s an idle game, but you still can aim your target manually.
Like most strategy games, it takes strategic thinking when you deploy tower.

Merge and Construct system
Merge the same towers and modify modules to forge better towers.
Construct and upgrade colony planet and gain more resources.

More challenges and gameplay
Endless stages are waiting for you to challenge.
Guild is coming soon. Fight with players from all over the world.

Download Mega Tower for free now and start your planet adventure!

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Mega Tower user reviews :

Great game, very fun and thrilling. I’ve been play this game for two weeks and agree with all the other ratings based on how good this game is. However I accounted a bunch of bugs, example Vultures and other flying enemies get stuck in my towers. When playing they might to come to close and get stuck and I can’t kill them, so consequently I have to restart, please fix this. Otherwise a very good game would recommend

Okay. I saw a Facebook add and was curious, I’m a sucker for TD games. I like it because you aren’t forced to watch adds, there isn’t energy, and you get rewards for pretty much everything! Pretty standard progression, difficulty ramps up. Doesn’t 100% explain everything. But you figure it out. Would recommend.

It’s a pretty solid game, enjoy it really much. However there is issue with Ads not loading, thought it my phone problem, played on another phone with same account but still encounter same issue. Pls look into it and look forward for more improvement near future, keep it up

Almost a 5 star …. Would be nice to have a “collect all” is various areas (like the calendar), rather than click on it, collect a few items, click on the next one, collect a few items, and so on ….

Really great game time consuming witch is good on my part makes it fill like your actually getting rewarded for your work and time the only thing I think would be a good idea is have a damage report after each battle to see what tower did how much damage or to see what tower is better or how much it repaired the other towers or healed u could even do it with the abilitys like how many it froze or how much damage the fort did
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Really really fun game its a classic and just so you know it is a pay to win BUT it is very easy to play free the amount of awards you get is awesome and theUPGRADING mwah it doesnt cost coins they have there own upgrade cards witch i love you can get turrets or buy them it goes to different plants just a pleasing game and graphics r awesome too suggestion make so we can sell the stuff on our grids also mame giant bosses we can fight at the end of the world also maybe a toturial thx keep workin.

When you get to Mars 1-1 the enemies get stuck in their spawn and there is no way to kill them so you automatically loose. The same happens on the limited time events and when you are trying to colonise. Good game up until then.

Pretty good game. The new update fixed most of the bugs and actually made the “7-day Pack” more easier. Fun fact before the update: I played for almost 3 weeks but was no where near completing the Day 3 of the pack.

The fact that the towers are shooting down enemies on their own while in the menu lead me to think there was an idle aspect to the game so people could save up money to afford more stronger towers in order to deal with the way too difficult enemies of the game, but I’ve waited hours outside of the game and still didn’t get anything. :(

Ive just started this but its good so far! Nice graphics and bit different from usual TD games! F2p with ads but you dont have to watch them. Plenty of rewards and upgrades!

This is great. simple gameplay, simple design. No intrusive and annoying tutorial, you get right into it Ads are only optional and rewarding Love this game!

It’s easy to use and has a good amount of work put in to the game play and upgrades so far quite happy with the results as of so far (been playing it off n on for a week) Good game for Tower defense lovers

Game is good but it keeps crashing. Please resolve this issue. This game has began to crash more frequently. So I have reduced 2 star.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, you have received your feedback, here will be sorted and synchronized to the programmer, and subsequent versions will be checked for optimization!

I had a fun experience right from the beginning. The scale of progression that you rank up and get new toys to play with so far is really smooth. Overall, the great game!

Great game, even without paying anything you constantly continue and continue to get rewards, about a week and I have been leveling up mad fast I sure recommend the game to pass the time
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